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WMV HD     MP4    Phone  

11 Mins  First the girls are tied and gagged boob to boob !  
  Part 1
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WMV  HD     MP4     Phone

6 Mins 
Then the girls seem to enjoy a double dong sucking marathon.
Part 2

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WMV HD     MP4    
10  Min  Video.  Sandra says she's a bondage virgin.  Babette says she's a dominatrix. They're both lying !!   Despite this, Babette manages to subdue Sandra, with straps and a lovely huge stuff gag !!     

 Part 1
WMV HD      MP4          Phone

8 Min. HD Video.  At first Sandra enjoys the tight strap bondage but now comes the huge stuff gag.  A thing of beauty they both are ! Part 2  

 Part 2
HD MP4         MP4     
 Phone         Preview

9 Mins  Note that this is X rated.  Two girls / too many cocktails ?  
Babette is bound, and gagged and then ?  Re- edited  and Up Converted.  
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WMV HD          Phone

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innocent photo shoot takes a turn towards a fetish art project.  Inspired by Bob Ross, this happy art project becomes an exercise in creating a red on yellow bondage collage.

5 Minutes
WMV HD      Phones

A knock on the door reveals a nice man in a leotard and a  mask. He's invited in where he can wait until his roomate comes home.  So let's do something while we wait...  

6 Minutes
WMV HD       MP4

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If she's a bitch, maybe the puppy cone treatment will help ?

5 Minutes
HD WMV    Phones  
Hot Fetish CD on Tranny Girl Action  Spin her around and play with your wee wee while she moans, squirms and writhes around.


  11 Minutes  Part 1
WMV HD        Phones

First on the chairs and then on the floor. A long session with multiple positions and increased enthusiasm !!
Hot Fetish CD on Tranny Girl Action !


12 Minutes  Part 2

WMV  HD      MP4        Phones
OMG, I can't tell you how sexy this bedroom session was. .  If you like being tied up really tight, you will love this !!   Working with ATGirlBinder is a the best !

10 Minutes
13 Minutes      WMV    Phones

ansas girl Jen misbehaves in front of her visiting guest who thought Jen was a simple country girl, but instead winds up taped from head to toe by her country hostess.  

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15 Minutes     WMV HD    Phones
Sexy Miki binds and gags Babette on her fiendish lazy Susan !   Then fondle and tease her with an industrial vibrator

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7 Minutes    WMV HD    Phones
Babs meets Miki in central California and tests her latest twirling bondage display device

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WMV HD     Phones 

  One of our most
popular struggling damsel in distress videos re-edited at 5 times the resolution that was available originally.  

8 Minutes
 8 Mins   Updated  WMV

 Sexy ass foreplay and a lesbian, bondage wedding with a blushing reluctant bride. 

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8 Mins     WMV HD     Phones

Jenny Page,the girl so nice we hadtogaghertwice.  Includes foam stuffing, cloth and tape gags.

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6 Mins     WMV HD    Phones

This girl likes being tied up so much she'll start without you.  Very sensual action from this adorable girl 

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10 Mins    WMV HD    Phones 

Jen entices Babs to the room.  She's very skillful with rope and Babs finds out finds out 

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 13 Mins      WMV HD        Phones 
  Gagging includes a 4 inch foam ball as stuffing with several layers on top !!

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WMV HD  Related Photos

You might be a redneck if you're a grown ass woman and you still wear pigtails.  2 country girls fight for domination at the OK Motel 

★★★★★  12 Mins
WMV HD    Related Photos

Babs meets, binds and gags Sissy Molly in Hollywood motel...  Let the audition begin ! 

9 Minutes
WMV HD     Phones

 Another all time favorite struggling damsel in distress videos re-edited at 5 times the original resolution.  

     ★★★★ 11 Minutes
WMV HD       Phones

he best on screen gagging compilation yet.  All in HD from 34 separate gagging scenes in 30 of our most popular videos.  If you like being gagged, gagging or watching a gagging scene then, welcome.
14 Minutes

WMV HD     Related Photos

Naughty bondage fun with the king of
kinky, fetish, high heels.  That's Dave ! 

8 Minute
WMV HD      MP4

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Meet California girl... lovely, sexy,
tied up Michelle !  

6 Mins  Part 1   

WMV HD    MP4    phone  

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Michelle's "adventure" continues
with new and exciting binding
and gagging "fun" !  
7 Mins  Part 2

WMV HD       Phones

Tomasina uses an old drafting table to sort clothes.  Imagine if the original draftsmen could imagine it's future use !  Now there's 3 piles of sorting...dark material, light material and slutty material !   So cute is tiny Tomasina !

 4 Mins
WMV HD       Phones
Tomasina is tiny and by tiny I mean a size 5 shoe!  She lives in Wichita KS and it's amazing that she doesnt get blown away in that raging Kansas wind!  It’s also impossible for  us giant pasty Amazons to compete with such a diminutive little minx.  So as a form of payback, it seems only right to tie her up and gag her in her own dungeon. 
4 Mins
WMV HD         Phones
Rose In The Corner.  Includes a great tutorial on tying the "chicken wing" and how to hobble tie the legs !
  8 Mins  Part 1

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  WMV HD        Phones

Bad bad girls must face the music eventually.  What music you ask?   Silly question !  When she's good she gets to roam in a small area while bound and gagged.  When she's bad she's tied tightly in the corner to think about what she did !!  
 7 Minutes    Part 2 
 5 Minutes     WMV HD    Phones 

The mean old neighbors come over for drinks but chat turns to teasing with a vibrator where the girl has limited control but is bound and gagged so she can't ask for help.   If she squirms hard enough, she can get the dangling vibrator in a hand and with greater effort can briefly touch herself with it.  Kind of like a really bad carnival game where you can not quite reach the "prize"    

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WMV HD   Phones

Rose meets Babs in the infamous workshop!  Babs gets cozy with Rosy in a rather awkward way.  Rubber clothing and bondage virgins galore !!  Lots of girls (2), lots of bondage and lots of drama !  

9 Minutes 

WMV HD       Phones

Fulfill your fantasy and get transformed on the Estro Femme sex changing Machine .   
 7 Minutes
WMV HD     Phones

Bad Goldilocks caught in the wrong bed !  Goldilocks breaks into the house occupied by 3 cross dressers.  One of them catches her and plays with/pun ishers her !

7 Minutes
WMV HD        Phones

Bad, bad pantyhose stealing bunny !  Caught stealing her roommates pantyhose, she is subjected to some heavy pantyhose bondage "therapy" !  

  8 Minutes
WMV HD       Phones

Good bunny  ~  Bad bunny  ~  Very bad bunny !!      Playboy tranny bunny tryouts turns to trouble for The Miss March Tranny Bunny tryouts.

  6 Minutes
 WMV HD       Phones

Quick and dirty, exposed crotch suspension and yummy smooth and very tight microfoam tape !!  Just what you want :)

5 Minutes

WMV HD      Phones
First the pizza guy than a plumber.  What bondage cliché is left? !  She thought it was just foreplay until he made it clear he was taking 2 Viagra and took them in front of her.  What can those tiny pills possibly do, she thought.  What indeed !!  

12 Minutes   Part 1  
WMV HD     Phones

Now the action is amped up and the ball gag is shoved in.    In his defense she wouldn't shut up and bitched in a tone of voice that was melting the wax in his ears !  Once gagged she became more compliant and somewhat reluctantly returned some gagged kisses and sensual body on body writhing.  She was shocked to see him take 3 Viagras !  Now as he holds her against him, she can feel the results Of these pills.  Before her legs are tied and while he gathers up the rope, she tries to sneak away But he grabs her and hastens the leg tying !!    

  10 Minutes   Part 2

    Very stringent bed hogtie with multiple gags.   For sale bound bimbo, $1000.00 or best offer!   Fabulous sexy kinky photoset !!  

 Photoset > 
Member's fav pictures

And ours too.  Based on number and length of visitations, these recent pic's are some of your favorite.  Also included some miscellaneous pics from 2013.   


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