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103 member photos from  2017 videos                         72 member photos from 2017 Videos
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7 Mins   Something about eating a banana that gets this girl in trouble !!
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8 Mins    
Getting ready for a date, she irons in front of an open window with her hair in rollers.  Is that her date arriving an hour early ???  FYI don't iron topless in front of a picture window.
10 Mins 
Learn to suck better slut

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10 Mins  -  - Waiting for the vain model to stop insisting on more pictures, he just takes matters in his own hands and starts what turns out to be sexy bondage foreplay !!

Emily and Babette's Motel bondage photos are here   

4 videos of Emily and Babette's bondage adventures in a fancy motel      Girl on girl and boy on girl action.   Getting tied up with Emily is a very sexy scene.....
6 Mins    We're keeping you in "suspense" until you agree to some simple sexual adventures.
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Emily Videos                  Part 1
  Emily is trying on lingerie and she told her fiancée that she liked role play. 11 Mins 
WMV      MP4      Phone      Part 2

 - Emily's bondage motel adventure

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Emily Part 3
 So this is the guy they hired for the  bachelorette party??  12 Mins.

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7 Mins  It's all fun and games until your dick gets tied up !! 
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 10 Mins    I'm pretty sure if I wear blue jeans instead of those silly, short, tight skirts I won't get constantly bound and gagged.  Right??? 


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 11 Mins...Is she a real girl or what.  When will he find out?  Will he care?  Will she get bound and gagged? (yes) 
These and other questions solved in this member video...
8 Mins     They had access to an empty condo.  They had 4 rolls of tape.  They had kinky ideas.  They made this video !....  Part 1 of 5
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All the decorator / contractor photos are here.  < New upload Dec 1st, 2017..
Below shot over several days in an empty condo where the decorator has some "adventures" with the contractor.  Babette and Master X
7 Mins..     They had access to an empty condo.  They had 4 rolls of tape.  They had kinky ideas.  They made this video !   - 7 Mins
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    PART 2
Preview      Part 3
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 17 Mins....Awesome scene in an empty condo during a remodel.  The bored decorator and the horny electrician play some empty condo games !!
9 Mins       Part 4
Bed Spread Girl

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5 Mins     Part 5
Short unsupervised bondage romp.
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9 Mins  Hot stuff /      9 Mins  Hot  stuff

13 Mins...  Kinky Slut Chloroform Captured...  Taped tightly to her side, her arms are immoble but she still almost escapes.  This has some pretty hot struggles !!

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6 Mins        16 on screen tape gagging videos compiled into 1 video of our favorite scenes.  Mostly on screen tape gagging with some on screen binding and little else.  If you like tape binding and gagging, this is for you.
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.7 Mins Big leather gag and building a fucking machine.t

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 6 Mins  Bondage, bumpiing and grindinng ....
7 Mins  
This cute little  thing winds up hog tied  with big ass sticking out.

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WMV    MP4     Phone

Prancing around in her frilly pink slip.  What could possibly go wrong??  Delightful tape bondage and  4 gags are tried to achieve the correct amount of moaning.  15 sexy mins !!

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 6 Mins  -  Over the knee spankings lead to bare ass pantyhose

Hot tip girls.  Bathe with your pantyhose and panties and avoid laundry !

No bondage just washing my boobs in a jacuzzi... Free Video
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11 mins Fiona Does her  lovely Nefertiti impression -  

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    12 Minutes  Sexy, adorable Fiona likes bondage

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14 Minutes  Bratty sissy girl, after extensively being bound and gagged, kneels in submission to her dom !   

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6 Mins     Bungee Bondage Bimbo
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6 Mins   Country cousin Lulu Belle brings her boobs and pigtails to Seattle to see what her cousin is raving about.  She's especially curious about bondage and something called a "butt plug" !!

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 8 Mins   It's just a girl in a shiny black Macintosh that escaped from the UK to Seattle, Wa USA 

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