About Our Videos

The vast majority of videos show on screen binding, gagging and fondling.

All videos are well edited with no endless repetitive scenes. 

As of 2019 we have 60 plus different models and riggers represented in our videos.

Our 400 + videos average 8 minutes in length and each video tells a complete bondage story.

131 of the latest videos are HD 16x9 quality.

120 of the latest HD videos are also formatted for smart phones and tablets

**     What's your favorite fetish ?     **

50+ involve rubber latex clothing and girdle bondage

50+  character themes like nurses, maids, rubber bitch, farm girl, housewives, hookers, glamour girls, damsels and lots of stockings and garters and generally slutty clothing scenes.

50+ videos involve girl on girl action

50+ videos involve boy on girl action

20+ involve 2 or more girls tied together

20+ videos involve girl on boy femme domme and forced feminization

50+ videos involve a variety of fetishes such as strapons dildos etc.

20+ videos involve self bondage

30+ videos involve sissy themes, and  various humiliation themes.

20+ videos involve explicit bound sexual acts

20+ videos involve lesbian themes

** There is overlap in the above themes.  For example, a rubber video may also represent a femme domme scene.

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