We can now accept On line gift cards for membership.


You can purchase an On line gift card or transfer an existing On line card in exchange for memberships.

This allows you to use PayPal or American Express as well as most other credit cards. 

The simple steps are:

Go to Amazon.com/giftcards and purchase a card using any of their approved methods such as PayPal, American Express and others

Specify who is to recieve the gift card by using their email.  and be careful to spell the email correctly... BBJones98102@gmail.com

Alert me via that same email BBJones98102@gmail.com  Capitalization doesn't matter so bbjones98102@gmail.com is OK

We can verify and setup membership as soon as I see the email


We can accept any amount gift card $10 or more and will exchange an equivalent amount of membership time.

$10. for 15 days   $20 for 30 days and $25 for 50 days

If you have an odd amount to transfer I'll pro rate it accordingly.

Since I use Amazon for so much of our web site production and costumes that card would be preferred.

Questions: BBJones98102@gmail.com 


Amazon gift card purchase page looks like this. You can ignore the suggested amounts $25 through $100 and just write in an amount

Here's the Amazon gift card link https://tinyurl.com/ydgx9fbn or just go to Amazon.com and search for "gift card"

BBJones98102@gmail.com Double check your spelling and thanks.... Babette