Babette and  Friends           

Transformation Tips

While I'm not exactly a drag queen, I worked with these talented girls for 20 years or so and
I learned a lot about convincing makeup for street, photography and stage.  So here's some of
me current favorite makeup and how I use it. This is also very similar to what many other   
professionals use.  One of my departures from traditional drag makeup is that I don't block out
eyebrows with glue stick or nose putty.  If you have an eyebrow problem and your too chicken
to properly pluck, then you might want to pursue eyebrow blocking.  This is very effective on 
stage but less so in person unless you have glasses or big bangs hiding most of the blockage.

First of course you need a really a close shave pluck or otherwise kill facial hair.  I was very
skeptical about lazer treatment but have now talked with dozens of girls who have had good long
term results especially if they have dark hairs that the laser can "see".  Do this while your
young and don't have a lot of gray hair which is rather invisible to the laser.
I personally still electrolosize my problem areas and now also use the new 5 blade Venus Breeze 
razor.  I used to think that 5 blades were ridiculous but OMG they are impressive.  These blades
are rather expensive but last at least twice as long as a triple blade and shave closer with less
damage.  I've also found that a Norelco works almost as well and is much easier on my face. This
takes longer as I go over and over the same areas for several minutes.   I do use the
Venus Breeze type razors for body hair.  Do not try shaving your armpits with an electric (ouch).  
I have really big diameter facial hair so this is a constant battle for me.  Fortunately my body
hair is very light.

I use 3 different base makeups for 3 different areas.  

A. The face not including under the eyes 

I recommend Dermablend if you have rough skin, discolorations, difficult stubble 
or just want very complete coverage.  You can get it at  Macys or Pennys.  Read about 
it here. 

I use MAC Studiofix C3 over Demablend but some people use MAC all by itself.  
I highly recommend this stuff and you can get it at Nordstroms. Read about it here

Just use a little of each or both for street wear and a lot more if you are going 
to be photographed or on stage.

B: Makeup under the eyes
 I use any good quality liquid makeup under my eyes to minimize wrinkles.  Skip 
this step if you are young.  I've used various wrinkle reducers under the eyes with inconclusive

Under the eyes or as a great substitute for Studio Fix powder is Lancome Dual Finish pressed 
powder.  This stuff is great if you have any wrinkles or texture to hide.  Beware of putting 
too much powder on as it will get caked up.

C: Body Makeup 

I use Max Factor Pan Stick (getting hard to find) or Ben Nye stick mixed with any good quality 
liquid makeup on my neck and upper body.  I first cover any problem areas with the stick and 
then add the liquid to thin and spread it around.  I use baby powder, corn starch  or ben nye 
body makeup powder as this area is too big for expensive powders.  

Regarding lips I have no upper lip so I have to over draw that area with a pencil. 
I have a small mouth so making it bigger is not a problem.  The best lip liner I 
know of is MAC lip liner but cover girl is also pretty good for much less.  I also 
use cover girl in that hard to apply lower eye line as it is rather soft. Update..
I now use ben nye black pencil liner but I still like cover girl version of the pencil.
Because I over paint my upper lip I need really good lipstick to look halfway natural.  
I have however been getting by lately on a bargain Loreal line called Color Riche.  Also I 
like Ben Nye lip sticks.   If you have a favorite upscale lipstick, buy lots of it as my
all time favorites have all been discontinued (grrrr).  I liked all 3 better then Loreal
so I occasionally try another high end lipstick like MAC or other Dept store $12 lipstick
but so far no luck and nothing I like better then cheap old Color Riche.  It's not as 
good as the 3 discontinued ones, so I keep looking.
I wear small lashes for everyday wear but big ones on stage.  
I sometimes also wear bottom lashes for more dramatic eyes.  I 
put very little glue on both my eyelids and the lashes and let 
them sit for 5 minutes before applying.  I use any brand of black
liquid liner around my eyes except on the inner areas where I use
cover girl or Ben Nye smudging pencils.  Liquid eyeliner doesn't work 
on the inner lid as it runs into the eye and makes even
the strongest girls cry.
 I use some Ben Nye eye shadows like white and black. I experiment 
with any free samples I can get to play around with.  Many many good 
brands everywhere.  For stage I usually put a little cream white under 
my brows and on my lid and add soft white powder or white or silver 
sparkles over that.  For stage sparkly white is nice but any really 
bright white works for me.   
Blush and Contour 
Im currently unhappy with every blush I've tryed.  I used to love 
Fashion Fair but they went out of bizness. I favor fushias and often 
use a little of the same blush on the upper eye and both should 
compliment your lips. I use the same white (as the eyes)lightly on the
upper cheek bones.

Don't be afraid to contour your nose for a smaller turned up effect,
especially for photos and stage. I use light brown (same as for
adam's apple) under my nose, on the sides and just a bit under the tip.
You can sort of see my nose contouring in my makeup pictures to the right.
I sort of like MAC, Lancome Clinique and I love Fashion Fair.  I hate 
cheap blush so i'm usually paying 20 bucks or so.  Also I like just using
my lipstick for blush although if you put powder on it, it will get cakey
also lipstick blush looks bad in photos.
Glasses are great to hide eyebrows and make your nose look smaller
Happy painting : )