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We encourage any volunteers who really are interested to email me.  We are in the Seattle area and need people and locations suitable for photo or video shoots.   We don't use a studio as we prefer interesting real world locations and would love to hear if you have such a location.  Also there is no money involved so this needs to be something you really enjoy.   You will get long term member access and media representing your work.   Most importantly we have a good time doing these shoots as you might imagine.  Scenes can be simply being tied in different positions and outfits and rather innocent or can run towards high fetish and more explicit subject matters.  Scenarios can be just make it up as we go or as complex as a fantasy kidnapping.

We encourage you to bring a friend as that helps you feel more secure and possibly less inhibited.    There is no sex or nudity involved although superficial teasing or mild spankings may occur at the models request.   Nothing will occur without the models consent and utmost safety is observed.  

No one should ever dabble in bondage without knowing all the safety aspects and self bondage is especially dangerous.   We hope to provide a safe alternative to any such activities.

You will need to sign a health and model release allowing us to use your depictions on the web site.  You will have the absolute right to terminate any depictions for reasons of discretion or esthetics.   If you don't like it, we won't use it or we will stop using it.  We cannot, of course, be responsible for content already disseminated.  In return for helping, you will get dvd copies of your work and copies of any still pictures for your own personal use.   We really need help with locations, video shooting, still photos and makeup and hair help. 

As you might imagine we have a lot of volunteers to be tied up and really need flexible models who can help with the other aspects as well.   Any experienced "rope riggers" who can tie securely without injury will be treated like royalty.  You can be a hero type, a loving type or a villain type or just the person next door caught in an unusual circumstance.  You can be male or female but you must enjoy your work.