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WMV        MP4 / Phone
Binder and Jenny team up
 to  bind, gag and tease Babette ! 

 9 Minutes  Part 1
WMV Version      Preview

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The humiliating penis gag brings up memories of pearl necklaces 
and other tricks played on our hapless slutty damsel. 

5 Mins  Part 2

WMV         MP4 / Phone
In the previous episode, they said they were checking out  so Babette waits anxiously for the staff of all lesbian motel maids to discover her in her bound, gagged and blindfolded, slutty position.  

 7 Mins  Part 3
WMV        MP4 /Phone
Re-mastered to higher res
OMG, If you like being tied up really tight, you will love this !!  
  Prudence Creamer the local librarian has come to collect a late fine for a book.     Binder says "come right in I have just what you need" and quickly gags her mouth and ties her hands before she knows what's going on !! 
      10 Mins
Photoset 42 pictures
A Tgirl Binder,  A famous rigger, runs into Babette at the Hilton Hotel.  Beautiful, artistic, sexy bondage ensues !!

 Let's tie up domme Jenny Jackson, shall we?
 Everybody's favorite rope master, Binder, ties up Jenny Jackson while Babette prances around taking pictures and living dangerously, by taunting a domme girl !!
Part 1

MP4 / Phone
Now that Jenny's tied up on the bed, doesn't she need company?
  Now Binder will help our two girls come together in an inescapable bongage bed bound package.  Bound, gagged, moaning and wiggling the scene is unbearably hot and moist. 
 6 Mins  Part 2

WMV              Phone

OK their both bound and gagged
on the same bed but waiting for a ransom can be tiresome so let's tie them together in sexually stimulating position and see what happens.     Whatever happens, Binder already loves this idea and we'd ask the girls the opinion but, oh yeah, I forgot, they are GAGGED !! 
7 Mins  Part 3
Lots of "hands on" fondling, binding and gagging in these 4 "Binder" segments.
WMV     MP4 / Phone
When Binder met Babette
 exquisite, kinky, overwhelmingly sensual bondage took place. 

7 Mins
WMV     MP4 / Phone
Blindfolded with her own latex stocking,
 the bondage foreplay continues along with having her breasts bared and played with and with additional restraints positioning her body into some very sexy positions.
6 Mins

MP4 / Phone
The first pump gag is removed and
 still blindfolded our damsel wonders what else might be put in her mouth.  One thing for sure a huge butterfly pump gag is being eyed by master rigger, Binder.
5 Minutes

MP4 / Phone
Fabulous, sexy chair bound bimbo has her boobs and other parts played with
After 4 hours in bondage our secretary is left twirling in her office chair. 
5 Minutes
WMV     MP4 /Phone
Bondage bottom girls try their hand at tying up domme Jenny Jackson.
   At some point, the power goes to the sub girl's heads and they do a good job on tying and taunting.   Behavior they will surely regret later !!! 
6 Minutes
<< PhotoSet >>

Sexy luscious lesbian Tammie debuts as a bondage fetish model.  


MP4 / Phone
Different Fantasies 10 min video  ~  Sexy Tammie and Babette have different fantasies.  Which do  you prefer?

10 Minutes  Part 1
 WMV      MP4 / Phone
   11 Mins  Tammie appears for a modeling session with an unsightly bulge in her panties.   As this may distract from the artistic bondage aesthetic, it must be remedied.   xxx rated content

MP4 / Phone
7 Mins  Tammie jokingly asked
  earlier if we had a penis gag?  Well not exactly but we can improvise a large dildo into a very effective gag.  This would also prepare her in case the large neighbor came over !!

exy luscious lesbian Tammie  

WMV          Phone
7 Mins  The naughty bondage model finale, starring Tammie. 
  Threatened with all night bondage, this model must put out or else.  We need hot, sexy, bondage photos and video or you're never getting untied.

Just back from Paris.  This photoset is hot hot hot....well judge for yourself....Hooded stranger, inspired by the previous photoset, has his way with couch bound rubber clad damsel.   

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Miki Returns:   6 Videos in WMV and MP4 formats and 1 Photoset -  second visit to Babette's Bondage Studio   

<< Large Photoset  >>  Miki and Babette's  bondage marathon occurring on 2 different visits.

WMV SD version            MP4 and Phone Version         9 Minutes  Part 1   

Miki is bound gagged  and stuffed into a  shipping box for her trip to the sub shop for some 'extra' training.  The delivery folks are late so let's really bind and gag Miki before her trip.  

 WMV SD version        MP4 and Phone Version     7 Minutes  Part 2
Miki does double duty as a bondage slut.   Teased and taunted by the ...vibrating dildo, ...Miki is then blindfolded and overcome with sensual moaning and squirming.  

 WMV SD version           MP4 and Phone Version     6 Minutes  Part 3
Sissy maid Miki is tied to a special swing.     She is fitted with a fiendish dental device that holds her mouth open.        

WMV SD version           MP4 and Phone Version         8 Minutes   Part 4
Sissy maid on sissy maid action.    After making out and wrestling one maid ...overcomes the other and ties her to a pole and gags her with a big stuff gag.   

WMV SD version       MP4 and Phone Version      13 Minutes  Part 5
Kinky maids tied together       Hot, hot hot... bound and gagged together lips to lips, these maids engage in a mouth to mouth, boob to boob, kissing and squirming festival as they struggle in their intimate, bound and gagged situation !

WMV SD Version       MP4 and Phone Version      11 Minutes Part 6
Babette is scheduled to clean
  but Miki thinks she is a better maid and decides to show up as Babette's substitute !!      Miki will correctly tell the rich client that "Babette is seriously tied up for the rest of the day" !! 


Dana  you ignorant slut.  Bondage, spanking, sexual teasing and more.   All taped at Dave's Tranny Palace, where all fetish trannies eventually find themselves. 

8 Mins
 << PhotoSet >>
PhotoSet  ~  Naughty Monika comes by to show off her fancy new black and red fetish wear.  ... The naughty girl is quickly snatched, bound and gagged for a series of fetish clothing bondage photos !!  
<< Photoset >>   
Bondage virgin Serena
 has always wanted to try it and now she's more careful what she wishes for 2009   
WMV Version      Bondage virgin Serena thinks she loves bondage  but is about to find out how much. 

 9 Mins   Part 1

WMV Version

Bondage virgin Serena thinks she loves bondage

 9 Mins  Part 2

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<< PhotoSet >>  

 Babette thinks she's gets to use her strap on.   But her potential victim turns the tables and ties and gags this would be dominatrix.   Next her strap on is removed and she is bound and gagged in bed with her large round ass well exposed.
WMV        MP4 / Phone
Hot naughty rubber strap on dominatrix surprise !
  Hot naughty rubber strap on dominatrix surprise !!  How embarassing to be a dominatrix bound and gagged wearing her strap on !!  10 Minutes  Part 1
WMV     MP4 / Phone
8 Mins  Hot naughty rubber strap on dominatrix surprise !   
  Part 2
WMV      MP4 / Phone
9 Mins  The bondge takes an interesting turn  when the dom decides to try on some pantyhose and platform heels.   Perhaps this boy is need of some feminization?   Oh yes he is and he is Hooded, ball gagged, and wigged, he also is put into a bra with huge boobs all under a tight sweater. 

  Part 3
WMV    MP4 / Phone
13 Mins  One of our most popular videos
.   First one girl comes home to a big 'surprise' and when her roommate comes home she tries to warn her by mmphhhing and crying into her doubled gag. 
 Re-mastered at better resolution and re-edited with never seen material. 

   Part 1
WMV       MP4 / Phone
Our most popular session continues
as our bound and gagged roommates continue to be tied and gagged in different positions. 
11 Minutes   Part 2

WMV      MP4 / Phone
11 Mins   Never taunt a masked man !!
  2 strangers show up at Babette's door and say trick or treat. She's not fully dressed and it's not Halloween but she admires their creative spirit and laughingly lets in the masked couple.  !     
 9 Mins Part 1    WMV Version
Sexy Cindy Stevens wasn't at the costume slumber party very long
before, you guessed it, she was snugly tied hand and foot by her kinky shiny hostess.  

WMV Version
Sexy Cindy  Stevens  at the , bondage slumber party.   Babs presses and caresses Cindy's tightly stretched crotch rope.  An extremely humiliating video is produced to be sent to her hometown TV station as a news flash ..."...Local 'girl' kidnapped in big city..."  

7 Minutes  Part 2

WMV SD Version
9 Mins   Cindy could do is whine about how much she loved leather.  So an intervention was in order...   Tough love?
WMV       MP4 / Phone
Story without words...  Bound and gagged, her gag is only removed to be replaced by her visitor's 'personal gag'.  The 'real' gag is left suspended just below her mouth for speedy re-application after the personal type 'stuff gag' is removed.   

 9 Minutes
WMV     MP4 / Phone
The summer sleaze sessions.   Ever want to get bound, gagged and boinked ?
  Of course it never happens as  it's only a fantasy, right?   My neighbor likes to play games and sure enough I thought the fantasy was going to come true when a man in a very disturbing, Freddy Kruger type of hockey mask shows up at the door. 

5 Minutes
<< Photoset >> 

The return of Robin Bond  and her
beautiful, sensual bondage rigging

WMV Version          Related Photos
This spoiled rich girl is so full of herself
 that she fancies herself  a kidnap / ransom victim.   She hires an expert rigger  to apply this 'training'. She, in her spoiled dream world, never imagined being gagged so effectively that she couldn't continue to whine and bitch as much as she wanted.  Well guess what?   

 12 Minutes
WMV       Related Photos
After her first experience she is reluctant to continue her kidnap training
but the spoiled rich girl she agrees to this finally training.  After all her bitching, our rigger is only to happy to bind and especially gag her.  Little does she know that this is more than a rehersal, MUCH MORE !!     

7 Minutes

End 2009 Content

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