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 4/10/2014   ~   Babette is traveling around the Midwest gathering bondage videos from all kinds of sweet innocent country girls (and a few naughty bitches ;), so thanks for waiting for the new material.  Here's some of the girls so far.

**4/2/2014  ~  6 Minute HD Video  ~  Normally only available to ambassadors and visiting dignitaries, LA's special, evening, hostess Sandra found her self inexplicably alone in a bar.  Normally paid by the LA Chamber of Commerce, it looked like she would have to freelance some work tonight...Maybe she could practice some of the finer fetish arts increasingly demanded by foreign dignitaries...As she scans the available patrons her fetish radar seems to hone in on this floozy looking thing in the corner table...What the hell, her boat payment was due so she bought her a drink...And then this happened…


Also Smart Phone Enabled

3/26/2014  ~  7 Minute Video  ~  Part 2  ~  Bad bad girls must face the music eventually.  What music you ask?   Silly question !  When she's good she gets to roam in a small area while bound and gagged.  When she's bad she's tied tightly in the corner to think about what she did !!

3/20/2014  ~  Photo Session  ~  Two scenes, one with a ginger bimbo and another with a bunny bimbo.  Both girls started out with a simple modeling request but then later, oh oh, YIKES !

3/14/2014  ~  7 Minute video  Rose In The Corner  ~  Part 1  ~  Includes a great tutorial on tying the "chicken wing" and how to hobble tie the legs !

3/8/2014  ~  6 Minute video  ~   The mean old neighbors come over for drinks but chat turns to teasing with a vibrator where the girl has limited control but is bound and gagged so she can't ask for help.   If she squirms hard enough, she can get the dangling vibrator in a hand and with greater effort can briefly touch herself with it.  Kind of like a really bad carnival game where you can not quite reach the "prize", so of course, they talk her into it !!  

 3/2/2014  ~  9 Minute video  ~   Rose meets Babs in the infamous workshop!  Babs gets cozy with Rosy in a rather awkward way.  Rubber clothing and bondage virgins galore !!  Lots of girls (2), lots of bondage and lots of drama !

Also Smart Phone Enabled

4/25/2014   ~   7 Minute Video  ~  Forced femme trickery !

Also Smart Phone Enabled

**2/18/2014   ~   7 Minute Video  ~  Bad Goldilocks caught in the wrong bed !  Goldilocks breaks into the house occupied by 3 cross dressers.  One of them catchers her and plays with/punishes her !!

Also Smart Phone Enabled

2/11/2014  ~  8 Minute Video  ~   Bad,bad pantyhose stealing bunny !  Caught stealing her roommates pantyhose, she is subjected to some heavy pantyhose bondage "therapy" !

Also Smart Phone Enabled

2-4-2014  ~  6 Minute Video  ~  Good bunny  ~  Bad bunny  ~  Very bad bunny !! 
Playboy tranny bunny tryouts turns to trouble for The Miss March Tranny Bunny tryouts.

Also Smart Phone Enabled

1-28-2014  ~  5 Minute Video  ~  Quick and dirty, exposed crotch suspension and yummy smooth and very tight microfoam tape !!  Just what you want :)

Also Smart Phone Enabled

**1-22-2014  ~  10 Minute Video  ~  Now the action is amped up !!!   Previously the bondage was pretty playful until the ball gag showed up.
  And now she now regrets showing an interest in 50 shades and especially her interest in gagging!  In his defense she wouldn’t shut up and ranted and bitched in a tone of voice that was Starting to melt the wax in his ears !  Once gagged she became more compliant and somewhat reluctantly Returned some gagged kisses sensual body on body writhing.  While she was feeling a bit turned on she was more than Shocked to see him take 3 Viagras !  Now as he holds her against him, she can feel the results Of these pills.  Before her legs are tied and while he gathers up the rope, she tries to sneak away But he grabs her and hastens the leg tying !!

Also Smart Phone Enabled

1-16-2014  ~  12 Minute video  ~  Part 1  ~  This is an epic bondage session !!  Hot bondage foreplay and more !  She thought it was just foreplay until he made it clear he was taking 2 Viagra and took them in front of her.  What can those tiny pills possibly do, she thought.  What indeed !!

Also Smart Phone Enabled

1-9-2014  ~  Member's fav pictures and ours too.  Based on number and length of visitations, these recent pic's are some of your favorite.  Also included some miscellaneous pics from 2013.

1-2-2014  ~  Very stringent bed hogtie with multiple gags. For sale bound bimbo, $1000.00 or best offer! Fabulous sexy kinky photoset !! !!


             End 2013

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