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8-30-2014  ~   6  Minute Sexy Finale Video   ~   High Heeled Maid / Rubber Booted Sissy Slut  ~    She's a maid and she's making an even bigger mess by drooling through her ball gag.  She needs a huge drool stopping gag and to be put on the floor where she'll stay bound and gagged until she somehow manages to clean the floor!!

8-25-2014  ~   8  ~   Minute Video   ~   High Heeled Maid / Rubber Booted Sissy Slut   ~  Her worthless ass is being punished for cleaning too slow while bound and gagged ?!?!  (Part 1)

8-20-2014   ~    7 Minute Video   ~   Revenge of the Open Bottom Girdle Bimbos   ~  On 2 occasions the tables are turned using "special" hypnosis techniques to capture the kidnapper !!

8-15-2014   ~    8 Minute Video   ~   Whose a bad bunny?  You are...yes you are....  If a bunny only has paws, can she still give a hand job?  Coming to a theater near you or in our member's area...

8-12-2014    12 more Smart Phone enabled videos located in member's only area here > 12 Newly Converted Smart Phone Videos are Here

8-9-2014    7 Minute public service, informative video on how to get your girlfriend to watch baseball with you.  Also what to do if she bitches, whines or talks too much... 

8-4-2014    Epic Collection   ~   111 photos   ~   Early 2014   ~   Featuring Heather (Denver), Jen (Kansas), (Kansas), Babette (Seattle) and Rose (Seattle)

7-29-2014    ~ 8 Minute Video    ~    Bondage virgin Emily.  Schooling lessons in pump gags, penis gags, crotch ropes, spanking and vibrators !!  Squirming, moaning, crying and enjoying her predicament ! !

7-23-2014    ~ 6 Minute Video    ~    Part 2   ~   There's no end to what you can do with a suspended plaything.  Well wait there is an end, no actually there's 2 ends... !


7-17-2014    ~   7 Minute Video    ~   Part 1   ~    When the guy at the bar asked if she needed a lift, she excitedly said “YES” it’s too cold and rainy to walk home, thanks so much !  When he tied her up and gagged her in his van, she was starting to get suspicious but then he started to drive so she thought “at last I’m getting that lift he promised.  When he stopped in a garage that was definitely not “home” she once again got suspicious, but then he said “you’re a lucky girl, I have just the lift you need” and he proceeded to load her into a shopping cart and wheeled her inside.  The gag stopped her from questioning his intentions so she just went along for the ride.  Then she saw it, a hospital patient mover but not in a hospital.  He left her in the shopping cart while he donned some of the very basics of cross dressing.  A hood hid his identity but a bulge revealed some of his possible intentions !!  Then this happened !!

7-12-2014    ~    6 Minute Video   ~   Just home from a fetish newcomer's meeting, she thinks these guys are just part of the fun. Newcomer fetish guys, who followed her home, but they're not !! Sexy, bondage virgin, Rose bound and gagged by 2 burglars.

7-7-2014    ~    9 Minute Video   ~   Today's lesson.  Never stick your tongue out at Master Allen unless you want to be bagged, gagged and taped !!

7-2-2014    ~    8 Minute Video   ~   Cute bondage virgin Emily is moved to the head of the class !  Sweet ass girl on girl bondage action, part 2 !


6-27-2014    ~    10 Minute Video   ~   Hey bondage fans, meet Emily, your new favorite bondage model !

6-23-2014    ~    11 Minute Video   ~   Never taunt Master Allen, a famous, Kansas City rigger.  Specifically don't suggest he can't produce silencing and inescapable bondage and lastly don't suggest that he can't shut you up !!  OMG this is a hot bondage scenario !  Thanks to, and for your next bondage fix, visit 

6-18-2014    ~    46 photos   ~  Sandra and Babette, the epic battle of the bondage web site girls !

6-13-2014    ~   
12 Minute  HD Video   ~  Monica  The Tape Tart  ~  The barefoot burglar (from her earlier encounter in Denver) now calls his kinky girlfriend, Brenda Biloxi to tape bind and play with Monica in the big bed.  Brenda's specialty is a big, white, smooth tape gag, holding in some red panties ! She uses lots of special bondage tape covered over with duct and electrical tape to make a tidy looking victim !   Monica goes along at first as that wierd ass barefoot guy is running the camera and he seems a bit crazy ! Also Monica has always been intrigued by some girl on girl action !  Once helpless, Brenda steals some of Monica's pearl necklace. Brenda has always wanted a pearl necklace... 

    6-8-2014  ~   
40 photos   ~  Monica squirms a lot but we still managed to slow her down enough for these hot photos.  The pictures, along with the 2 videos captures the essence of what this Denver, bondage loving, girl is all about.

 6-3-2014   ~ 
8 Minute  HD Video   ~  Monica was staying in a fancy Denver hotel with double rooms that were usually separated by a locked door. But if you tip well enough, you can get a key to your adjoining room and if you tip even more, you can be sure there will be a sexy tgirl staying in the next room !  This guy had seen Monica in the bar and the way she was dressed seemed to invite a fun evening of bondage and more !  She was quite a handful to tie up so she got a "time out" and had to stand in the corner.  Still being bratty he next takes her to the bathroom where he leaves her alone and calls the maids for extra towels.  He tips these maids well so they just ignore any bound and gagged girls they may encounter, except they may make fun of helpless girls or even fondle them just for giggles !   Later she is put into the public hallway with a sign that says, "movie in progress, please don't worry about this bound and gagged girl !!  Unable to fully subdue her, he finally hog ties her on 2 foot stools and watches her pathetic attempts at escape.  Next comes some action on the bed !

   5-27-2014  ~      6 Minute Video   ~    Poor sweet innocent Heather removed from the leather armbinder only to be quickly hog tied in the very sexy motel bedroom scenario.  Does this turn her into a bondage slut?  Do check it out for yourself !!

5/22/2014   ~    4 Minute Video   ~   Heather  falls asleep in the chair and wakes up like this !!

5/15/2014   ~    5 Minute Video   ~  Denver's  lovely Heather with her brand new awesome boobs, has her bondage audition go astray.  Too late to change her mind now as she's squeezed into a tight, red, leather armbinder and a matching red ball gag.  Red shrink wrap finishes off the color coordinated, bound and gagged naughty vixen !!


5/8/2014   ~ 4 Minute  HD Video   ~  Tomasina uses an old drafting table to sort clothes.  Imagine if the original draftsmen could imagine it's future use !  Now there's 3 piles of sorting...dark material, light material and slutty material !

5/2/2014  ~  Tomasina HD Video  ~  Tomasina is tiny and by tiny I mean a size 5 shoe!  She lives in Wichita KS and it’s amazing that she doesn’t get blown away in that raging Kansas wind!  It’s also impossible for  us giant pasty Amazons to compete with such a diminutive little minx.  So as a form of payback, it seems only right to tie her up and gag her in her own dungeon.  The next logical, jealous, spiteful thing that came to mind was to leave her bound in her dungeon and stealing her date who is coming by to pick her up.  I’ll tell him that a gust of wind caught her and she landed in Ohio and is trying to hitchhike home. :)

*** The following 3 videos represent a 30 total minutes of hot girl on girl bondage and more, where  Sandra, tricks  Babette into paying for a bondage session. Then she is vibrator teased and left behind for Sandra's eager friend to step in and enjoy his fantasy of doing whatever he wants with a bound and gagged trans-girlie !!

4/25/2014  ~  Video 1 of 3    ~   6 Minute HD Video  ~   Normally only available to ambassadors and visiting dignitaries, LA's special, evening, hostess Sandra found her self inexplicably alone in a bar.  Normally paid by the LA Chamber of Commerce, it looked like she would have to freelance some work tonight...Maybe she could practice some of the finer fetish arts increasingly demanded by foreign dignitaries...As she scans the available patrons her fetish radar seems to hone in on this floozy looking thing in the corner table...What the hell, her boat payment was due so she bought her a drink...And then this happened…

4/18/2014   ~   Video 2 of 3   ~   13 Minute Video   ~     Gullible Babette believes Sandra is not a bondage expert and feels more comfortable with someone she thinks is a new and innocent bondage devotee.   Sandra finds Babette in a bar and offers her "innocent" services for a reasonable fee.  Babette gets way more than she bargained for by an expert bondage dominatrix who is a little bored and has a little extra time on her hands !!!  Will Babette learn anything from this, for a change?

4/11/2014  ~   Video 3 of 3   ~   12 Minute Video  ~    ~   Sandra has Babette bound and gagged for a while now and then to spice things up, the Hitachi Wand comes out !  After some sexual and disciplinary episodes, Sandra prepares to leave.  Before she leaves, she blindfolds and hog ties Babette and tapes the motel door lock so the door stays unlocked.  As she's preparing to leave, she tells Babette that she's not being mean, she's just interpreting her fantasy as she believes it to be.  She tells Babette, that she'll "call in 4 hours and you should get away by then".  If, however, Babette doesn't answer the phone, Sandra will send her friend over who loves tied up trannies.  Knowing this unknown man is coming, Babette will try and get away but doesn't believe she can !!


4/4/2014   ~   8 Minute Video  ~   A driver accidentally cuts off Jen and Babette as they head for their motel.   The driver feels bad and tries to catch up to apologize.  This only makes the girls drive faster thinking that he's mad.  Well he's really sorry and really really wants to say so but they keep running away.  When they turn into the motel he pretends not to follow them but parks out of sight behind a truck.  Jumping out to say he's "sorry", at the girl's don't give him a chance and dash for the door.   But he's from the Midwest and is going to be polite no matter what it takes.   Catching his foot in the doorway he again tries to apologize but the girls continue their shrieking so he knows he needs to shut them up so they will listen.  And then THIS happens !!

Smart Phone Enabled

3/28/2014  ~  7 Minute Video  ~  Part 2  ~  Bad bad girls must face the music eventually.  What music you ask?   Silly question !  When she's good she gets to roam in a small area while bound and gagged.  When she's bad she's tied tightly in the corner to think about what she did !!

3/22/2014  ~  Photo Session  ~  Two scenes, one with a ginger bimbo and another with a bunny bimbo.  Both girls started out with a simple modeling request but then later, oh oh, YIKES !

3/16/2014  ~  7 Minute video  Rose In The Corner  ~  Part 1  ~  Includes a great tutorial on tying the "chicken wing" and how to hobble tie the legs !

3/10/2014  ~  6 Minute video  ~   The mean old neighbors come over for drinks but chat turns to teasing with a vibrator where the girl has limited control but is bound and gagged so she can't ask for help.   If she squirms hard enough, she can get the dangling vibrator in a hand and with greater effort can briefly touch herself with it.  Kind of like a really bad carnival game where you can not quite reach the "prize", so of course, they talk her into it !!  

 3/4/2014  ~  9 Minute video  ~   Rose meets Babs in the infamous workshop!  Babs gets cozy with Rosy in a rather awkward way.  Rubber clothing and bondage virgins galore !!  Lots of girls (2), lots of bondage and lots of drama !

Also Smart Phone Enabled

2/26/2014   ~   7 Minute Video  ~  Forced femme trickery !

Also Smart Phone Enabled

2/19/2014   ~   7 Minute Video  ~  Bad Goldilocks caught in the wrong bed !  Goldilocks breaks into the house occupied by 3 cross dressers.  One of them catchers her and plays with/punishes her !!

Also Smart Phone Enabled

2/11/2014  ~  8 Minute Video  ~   Bad,bad pantyhose stealing bunny !  Caught stealing her roommates pantyhose, she is subjected to some heavy pantyhose bondage "therapy" !

Also Smart Phone Enabled

2-6-2014  ~  6 Minute Video  ~  Good bunny  ~  Bad bunny  ~  Very bad bunny !!  Playboy tranny bunny tryouts turns to trouble for The Miss March Tranny Bunny tryouts.

Also Smart Phone Enabled

2-1-2014  ~  5 Minute Video  ~  Quick and dirty, exposed crotch suspension and yummy smooth and very tight microfoam tape !!  Just what you want :)

Also Smart Phone Enabled

1-27-2014  ~  10 Minute Video  ~  Now the action is amped up !!!   Previously the bondage was pretty playful until the ball gag showed up.
  And now she now regrets showing an interest in 50 shades and especially her interest in gagging!  In his defense she wouldn’t shut up and ranted and bitched in a tone of voice that was Starting to melt the wax in his ears !  Once gagged she became more compliant and somewhat reluctantly Returned some gagged kisses sensual body on body writhing.  While she was feeling a bit turned on she was more than Shocked to see him take 3 Viagras !  Now as he holds her against him, she can feel the results Of these pills.  Before her legs are tied and while he gathers up the rope, she tries to sneak away But he grabs her and hastens the leg tying !!

Also Smart Phone Enabled

1-21-2014  ~  12 Minute video  ~  Part 1  ~  This is an epic bondage session !!  Hot bondage foreplay and more !  She thought it was just foreplay until he made it clear he was taking 2 Viagra and took them in front of her.  What can those tiny pills possibly do, she thought.  What indeed !!

Also Smart Phone Enabled

1-13-2014  ~  Member's fav pictures and ours too.  Based on number and length of visitations, these recent pic's are some of your favorite.  Also included some miscellaneous pics from 2013.

1-6-2014  ~  Very stringent bed hogtie with multiple gags. For sale bound bimbo, $1000.00 or best offer! Fabulous sexy kinky photoset !! !!


             End 2013

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