Babette and Friends.                   

Bondage is best enjoyed as a fantasy and not as a reality.  Any implications that we practice self bondage or that we leave bound models alone is an illusion.  We never leave a bound person alone, nor do we practice self bondage without an experienced person nearby with a paramedic rescue scissors nearby.  If you insist on trying bondage please have one of these rescue items available to the trusted experienced person nearby.

Buy Paramedic scissors

Do not use a pointed scissors as it is too easy to puncture the skin when in a hurry.  Also paramedic scissors can cut almost anything and are often used to cut seat belts for accident victims.   Also if anything is too tight to get the red tip under, is probably too tight for proper circulation.   This is also the only way to safely remove tape quickly.

Make sure you have a safe word or unmistakable noise or movement and that you rehearse it, especially when gagged.  It is even advisable to test out the signal for real to see if your find properly perceives and properly reacts.

We know self bondage is popular but we also know you are tired of doing it alone so if you must be tied up please use our groups or other internet options to find a helper and DO NOT do this alone.

If, against my advice, you do decide to get tied up, be prepared to be very uncomfortable the first time.  The more you want it the more likely you are to be overly excited, anxious and nervous.  This very heightened state is common and frequently leads to nausea so PLEASE take it slow. 

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