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If you'd like to watch our videos with just your remote on your big screen, or any size tv and have an Amazon Fire Stick you can stream the MP4's (not the WMV's). 

You may be able to watch using  AppleTV which we haven't tested but we haven't been able to watch member videos on ROKU as we can't get through the ID / PW screen.  We have been able to watch preview videos since they don't need an ID / PW.

So for now we have only found the Amazon Fire Stick to work but we've only tested Fire Stick and Roku.  Roku works on free previews but not on member content.

How to watch with Amazon Fire Stick

1. On your TV looking at the Firestick options like Netflix etc from the "Home" button(the button that looks like a house).

2. Click on magnifying glass (search) and type or say silk browser and move down to "Silk Browser" and click / install.  If it's already installed it will take you to an app named "Internet"

3. Find / Enter the field that says "Search the web or enter URL and enter BoundToTease.com and click "Go"

4. Click the remote button that has 3 parallel horizontal lines (just right of the Home button)

5. Move the focus to the right by clicking on the big wheel at the 3 o' clock position until you get the the star on the far right.

6. When you get to the star it will say "Add Bookmark" If you haven't already added it.

7. click "Add Bookmark" and you will see a new bookmark just below.  It will remember where you were last and will re enter at the same place automatically. 

8. Now whenever you click "Internet" it will go to the last site you were viewing.  Note that if you don't want others opening that site just add some more sites like discovery.com and click on that before you leave.  Then whoever returns will automatically go to discovery.com as a their default.

9. It takes a little practice to get used to the round cursor and using this special browser. You won't be able to download anything as it's only a TV and not a computer with a hard disk for storage.

10. Once you put in your user ID and PW it will let you keep them if you don't want to type them in each time.

11. Enjoy !!