Be a model, rigger or run a camera.  

Professional or amateur, all are welcome. email us at

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Note about volunteers:

We will work with anyone who wants to be in a video.  If you can't do passable drag, I'll do it but we need at least 1 feminine persona in the video.  If you need to hide your identity and aren't sure how you can simply wear a mask.  If you aren't sure what role you can play we can improvise something.  If you don't want to be on camera at all we can work that out usually with me being tied up alone while you take pictures.  If you need to hide your id and you happen to wind up on camera we will make sure it isn't published.


More details:

We are now in the Redmond Oregon USA area but often travel. Also there is usually no money involved so this needs to be something you really enjoy.   You will get long term member access and media representing your work.  Also we try to make these sessions a good time doing and usually succeed. 

We are very low key and discreet so don't be frightened:

First get togethers  are always very casual.  Later scenes can be range from being tied in different positions and outfits in a rather innocent  way to more fetish and more dramatic subject matters.  Scenarios can be just improv on the spot based on what clothing you want to wear and what kind of pictures you want or as complex as a fantasy kidnapping with a story line. 

First get togethers almost never involve any other people as many models and even riggers are often shy. See some out take photos bottom of this page.

More fine print:
                         If you like bring a friend as that helps you feel more comfortable    There is no almost never sex or nudity involved especially on first get togethers.   Nothing will occur without the models consent.

 You will have the absolute right to terminate any depictions for reasons of discretion or esthetics.   If you don't like it, we won't use it or we will stop using it.  We cannot, of course, be responsible for content already disseminated.  In return for helping, you will get digital access to all of your work and copies of any still pictures for your own personal use.   


What role can you play

Riggers can be a hero type, a loving type or a villain type or just the person next door caught in an unusual circumstance.  You can be male or female but you should enjoy your work. You don't need to be a rope expert as we often use tape.  The important thing is that you like the idea of tying someone and less important how you do it.  "Victims" can be male or female in appearance as long as there's at least 1 female character which can be me or you or both. 


Lots more fun/casual shots of me and the many models / helpers over the years on this other page