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 WMV HD     Smart Phones

8 Minutes  Part 1    Kinky Kamper Cartoon.
  Think twice before showing a rigger an "impossible" cartoon rigging that you like.  Soon there was no turning back as she was very early on, too helpless to resist.   Hey, what, wait  how did he sneak that stuffing in my mouth???)   Before you're released, we need a series of embarrassing photos and oh by the way, you're nowhere near being released !!    OH OH   A vibrator  so now I'll really make a fool of myself.  
WMV HD      Smart Phones

 9 Minutes  Part 2   The Kinky Kamper  sexy, serious, bondage.   What happens when more rope and a powerful vibrating wand are applied?   Yeah, that and more !    
Kinky Kamper Photoshoot

  63 picture photoset   ~  Accompanies Kinky Kamper Cartoon video, plus  Kinky Kamper Videos.

 WMV HD       Smart Phones

 6 Minutes  Part 1    Rain Forest Bondage - 6 Min video - This is the setup and "voluntary" portion of the shoot. but then the real action begins.  Stripped to her open bottom girdle and bullet bra, she stands out like a sore thumb in the dark woods !! 

 Photoset 1       Photoset 2
 WMV HD        MP4 / Phones

8 Minutes  Part 2   Lured back into the deep dark woods our retro girdle model just doesn't seem to learn !   Finally she almost escapes !  
Photoset 1     
Photoset 2
WMV HD        Mp4 /Phones

  ★★★★★ 9 Minutes  Part 3   She's spotted  a freeway and trucks and decided to try and  sneak off to the freeway.  When the freeway appears to be about 50 yards away, she sees the River !!  She has boots but is pretty  sure they aren't high enough.   Then he puts her back into the tent where he hog ties her and says, "I'm off to get some beer and  friends.   
WMV HD       MP4 / Phones

 8 Minutes   Hot new model Jenny Stiletto comes over for some portfolio pictures but winds up with much more !

WMV HD          MP4 / Phones

9 Minutes  Part 1    Rubber Girl Lost In The Woods !  ~   Invited to a rubber party, Trixie parks her car and heads down a   driveway but she gets lost in the heavy rainfall and as it starts to get dark.  she sees a tiny light in the woods...  The resident is home and is surprised to see a rubber slut.  He agrees to help her in exchange for some "innocent" bondage photos...  Part way through he walks up behind her and says "oh yeah, this is part of the deal, and stuffs a red ball gag in her mouth  !
WMV HD          Smart Phones

 7 Minutes  Part 2   Rubber, rain, bondage video !!   Moaning and crying, our captive topless rubber girl continues her wilderness,  wet, bondage episode !!  When no one's looking, she picks up the umbrella for protection and tries to walk away with her knees hobbled and her boobs sticking out.  But what if she runs into someone worse in this scary  woods !!

 40 Pix photoset
  ~  Lost  in the wilderness rain, our rubber clad girl, finally finds a yard and a cabin.   She's happy at the prospects for getting out of the heavy rain.   But not happy for long !!  Lots of rubber and raingear in a torrential downpour.

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WMV HD     Phones

 8 Minutes   Bree's bondage audition, starring Dana Star  ~  Amateurs always have some of the best reactions to new found bondage thrills.

30 Pix photoset

  First lost  in the wilderness rain, our rubber clad girl, finally finds a yard and a cabin.   After her outdoor moist, dewy and downright soaking bondage experience, is allowed to come inside if she agreed to put on pink rubber.  From there, there was a stringent pole tie, a devious bishop's chair and a nasty armbinder !!

 37 Picture

Photo Session
Stringent Bondage Mountain "Vacation" !!  Bone squeezing, boob crushing, mouth stretching, ass hurting BONDAGE !!

WMV HD      Phones

 ★★★★★ 9 Minutes   Part 1   Stocks and Bonds ! !  High adventure in the wilderness workshop !!  Bad bad girls can't always have what they want !!
WMV HD         MP4 / Phones

 11 Minutes  Part 2   Stocks and Bonds scene is escalated with a fiendish dental gag and many more restraints ! !
WMV HD    Phones

 8 Minutes  Part 3     In the finale things get naughty and kinky.  Outstanding bondage devices and technique !!  Watch her mouth get turned inside out with opposite evil, fetish gags...
WMV HD      Phones

   5 Minutes   Her new friend is tired of her whining about no orgasms.  He enjoys a challenge and has a pretty imaginative and effective idea !  Lots of moaning and squirming in this so called "dilemma" !


WMV SD         Phones

7 Minutes   Leggy tourist Shania visits Seattle and always gets in trouble with the chamber of commerce who send out a special welcome wagon !!
WMV HD     MP4

Sexy French Visitor gets a makeover, a photo shoot and is convinced all the American models do bondage shoots just for fun !!  Oh oh, prepare for an international incident !!

★★★★★  10 Minutes

 90 picture photoset  ~  Several stringent bondage positions on various devious devices.  AT Kinky Kamper's bondage mountain hideaway...


WMV HD     MP4 / Phones

Wicked Leather Armbinder:  Lured into the  hideout, our little vixen is squeezed  into a heavy tight leather corset, and put into a heavy leather armbinder with a crotch strap.   A leash is attached and she's led to the workshop  The leash is clipped to the wall and very tight ball gag is applied.  This is some seriously kinky stuff ...  

★★★★★ 7 Minutes

WMV HD     MP4 / phones

After enduring the strict leather armbinder she thought she might be done?  Wrong again!!     WTF  My arms  too ?   OH NO Spanking me like a bitch !  Her calves  knees and thighs are starting to shake !!!

 10 Minutes  Part 2

WMV HD     MP4 / phones

The Dildo Bondage Adventure   ~   Hot bondage and sexual dildo fantasy per several special requests.  

★★★★★  13 Minutes

WMV HD   MP4 / phones

The Pussy Pipe Bondage Contraption  ~ Recently attached to a different, rather uncomfortable,  pipe fixture, this new one is not so much painful as it is very stimulating on one's naughty bits !!      

8 Minutes

240 Picture Photoset

We've got legs !!  10 years of your favorite sexy, bound, legs, heels, stockings, boots, mini skirts, and pantyhose.  Peek up the mini skirts and open bottom girdles of our 50+ models.  You asked for it, so here it is !!

WMV HD    MP4 / phones

The burglar and the mouthy bitch. How dare you tie me up !  Damn you I said "STOP" ! Calm down bitch, it's just a burglary, you weren't supposed to be home, so now I have to tie you up...

10 Minutes

photo session

Buffy's sexy mysterious photo session with the dashing Mr "Z"


WMV HD      MP4 / phones

Beautiful Buffy and kindly but very kinky Mr Z have at it on the plush carpet!!  Very sexy, gorgeous, bondage session.  Hot fun in the summertime !

★★★ 10 Minutes  Part 1
WMV HD       MP4 / Phones

Beautiful Buffy and "Z" work on the swiveling simbian !

8 Minutes  Part 2
WMV HD    MP4 / Phones

Red overwrapped gag, eventually removed from the pussy pipe and suspended in the corner.  The finally to this epic all day struggle ends being left suspended in the corner with the lights out and all alone !!

★★★★★ 9 Minutes

  Videos labeled "Phones, Smart Phones or MP4 / Phones are all small MP4's and will play on your phone or computer browser

69 pictures photoset

Hot Bondage Marathon Many Gags, Many Positions, Much Distress!!  

WMV HD    MP4 / Phones

How many gags are enough? When she screams like this bitch, the number is 5 !  Lots of on screen gagging action !!

★★ 10 Minutes
WMV HD          Smart Phones

"So you're a sheltered girl and you want to know about kinky sex?", the neighbor says.   OK but you're going to help so you fully appreciate the kinky effort !!
★★★ 6 Minutes

WMV HD        Smart Phones 

The suspense deepened as the suspension became imminent !  Soon the suspense was over and the bound girl was bound, gagged and high in the air !!

★★★★ 7 Minutes

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Extra special, artistic, sensual, and stringent bondage session with master of the craft, Kinky Kamper !

★★ 8 Minutes

WMV HD       Smart Phones 

The boyfriend wagers, by saying "if I'm wrong, you can dress me like a milk maid, tie me up and gag me, all while video taping the whole process. That's how sure I'm right.    Now the boyfriend is dressed up, made up, tied up and gagged. To the gf's surprise and enjoyment, "she" seemed to  like it !!      Note: There's a short discussion in this video about medical books that discuss bondage techniques used by nurses and doctors as an essential part of medical treatment.

     8 Minutes

WMV HD        Smart Phones 

The Quadra-Kink Video Experiment  ~  Ever want more visual and auditory bondage videos than your kinky brain can handle all at once?  In this format, 4 select, juicy and sometimes explicit videos are played at once in 1 video.  This crams 24 minutes of hot bondage video into a 6 minute clip.   These tidbits are some of your all time favorites so hold onto your garters girls (and boys), this is the ride you wished you could find at the carnival !
6 Minutes

WMV SD        Smart Phones 

 Hot stuff from everyone's favorite submissive, slut Roxy Paige and her boss Mistress Zed.  Direct from the UK and still moist from the journey

WMV HD     Phone

He said he just wanted some sexy pictures.
  He took a couple of cheesecake shots and then he told me to put on this tape gag for dramatic effect?  Just wrap it really tight and make it really smooth.     Later she tries to protest “MMMLLFF !!”   What did you say, I can't quite make it out.

8 Minutes
85 picture, kinky photoset 

Representing several bondage and fetish sessions in early 2013.

WMV HD              Smart Phones

OK, finally got the little bitch completely tied down to the chair before she tries to hobble off again.  Silly girl trying to escape such a nice man who just wants to have his way with a bound and gagged girl.  She shouldn't be so selfish and stop trying to run to the neighbors who would probably faint when they saw her in this sexy state of fetish attire and helplessness.  After the chair, a crude, but effective strappado, arms up in back tie and later on the floor, but that is censored to all but our kinky, beloved members in this naughty finale !
 9 Minutes

WMV HD      Smart Phone       Related Photoset

Workshops are a good place to get tied up.   People with workshops know how to do stuff.   This pink slut gets incredibly well tied to this pole.  With her feet spread out front by a crotch rope, this position becomes stressfully difficult.  
★★★★★   11 Minutes  Part 1

WMV HD        Large MP4

Phone MP4

Do you like spankings, rubber, trannies, big hair, lots of makeup, ball gags, armbinders, strappados high heels, expert rigging or bondage?  I'm pretty sure you like most of these things so here you go !

★★★★★ 8 Minutes  Part 2

WMV HD     Large MP4

Phone MP4

The Bishop Chair, is a fiendish piece of bondage furniture that bad girls should be tied to in order to get them to be more obedient.  Warning bad girls, wear  nice panties, because they are going to be out there for all to see !

 6 Minutes  Part 3

122 Picture Photoset
  2 girl, indoors, outdoors and all over the place trying out new positions and scenarios in the autumn mountains of the Pacific NW.  Featuring a wonderful new bondage model, Rose Shirley...

WMV HD       Phones 

New cutie model Rose always wanted to be tied up all proper and oh boy does she get her wish.  Was this way more than she bargained for??  At first she obviously likes it but as the ropes pile up, well, oh oh  !!

7 Minutes

WMV HD      Large MP4

Rose dear, welcome to the jungle !

9 Minutes

WMV HD      Large MP4

Stand up and get spanked.  It's no use struggling...this is going to happen !  She  should have never asked, what turned him on, and a demonstration is worth a thousand words !  Bondage and or spanking fans, check her out.

★★★★★ 9 Minutes

WMV HD     Large MP4

Phone MP4

Naughty, sexy, feminine Nena !  She has all kinds of girly tricks from panties to pumps.  Now all she needs is some femmy bondage and fondling !!

 10 Minutes  Part 1

WMV HD      Phones

Sexy Nena    Will squirm for food.
  Sex kitten captured for display!

 6 Minutes  Part 2

Any video labeled "Phones, Smart Phones or MP4 / Phones are all small MP4's and will play on your phone or computer browser.         

  Hot photo session with Robin and Babette.  Multiple positions, tied separately and together !  


WMV HD      Large MP4

Secretary Robin was hired to do some dictation and she was about to find out what that really meant !

8 Minutes

WMV HD        Large MP4 

Smart Phones 

Robin and Babs have an unexpected twist develop in their little domme /sub scene !

7 Minutes


Wilderness river bondage captured bimbo outdoor sexy photoset and story.
Gorgeous old growth Washington state wilderness river area.  Within sight of every redneck trucker on Interstate 90 !!

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