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WMV    MP4 / Phone MP4

He whispers in her ear "after you are really bound, gagged and become properly submissive, then I will have my way with you !

 9 Mins
WMV          MP4 / Phone

Bathtup stopper gag, bondage seduction..    At first she struggles and tries to get away but seems to get into it later on !!   

9 Mins  Part 1
WMV           Phone MP4

HD  Video  -  Super fetish gag video - The action gets hotter and spicy with the handy, orally accessible, bathtub gag !!  Oh yes it DOES !! 


  7 Mins  Part 2

 Bare ass BJ
photoset with Master X

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WMV       MP4    Phones

Call girl Trixie is meeting a rich European but unknown to her, she's walked into the middle of a burglary !! 

 8 Mins  Part 1

WMV     MP4    Phones

The Burglar and The Call Girl  She assumes the burglar is her 'legitimate' trick and he assumes that this girl belongs in this room. 
This very hot, sexy bondage continues !!   

9 Mins   Part 2
WMV        MP4    Phones 

 The burglar is starting to see his victim as a sexual object.  He forgets his original goal in favor of an obsession with bound girls !! 

 8 Mins  Part 3

WMV     MP4 / Phone

Connie is tied up all around her house.  Find out her kinky motivations and even kinkier solutions !! 

2 Mins

WMV         MP4 / Phone

Spoiled girl is kidnapped, bound, gagged
and taken to a hideout. Pictures are taken that will be given to tabloids  if she talks to the police. 




Connie is 'convinced' to change into something skimpy for her epic struggle with a 2 by 4 on the floor. She moans, grinds, struggles and squirms during this delicious sqirm-fest!  


WMV       MP4 / Phones

Connie is moved to the next room in her palatial suburban palace
 where she will be bound and gagged on her couch and she's going to help !! 

   9 Mins

       MP4 / Phones   

 Yikes !! This is HOT !! Caught trying on Babette's favorite gag
, bad girl Dana is completely bound and left alone. 

 7 Mins Part 1

WMV          MP4/Phones

Dana bound and gagged and she squirms around on the floor until she discovers a power saw that seems to be plugged in.  Can she turn it on with her feet?

 6 Mins  Part 2

WMV       MP4 / Phones

She is supposed to be in a low budget B movie.  Minor bondage is said to be involved,  but that is going to be a big fat lie !! 

 5 Mins  Part 1
WMV       MP4 / Phones

B Movie Bondage Bimbo.  When we left our hapless heroine she was being tape gagged over the already tight panel stuff gag !!  

10 Mins  Part 2
WMV      MP4 / Phones
After stuffing the first model in the spare room, they approach her friend with the same lie about doing very light bondage.  

 4 Minutes Part 3   

Special thanks to Gwen for this media...you're the best !
Photoset Gwen's fabulous, naughty, kinky, gorgeous set of

47 pictures

WMV          MP4 / Phones

Gwen gets it ! Yes she does...the poor girl exploited by another girl, in trouble again !! 

 2 Minutes

WMV         MP4 / Phones
The "She Cum Gag"   Gwen builds a custom, open mouth gag and get's caught trying it on !!  The open mouth gag has some suggestions. These videos are short but very hot hot hot !!!  

    3 Mins
Photoset Continued - More Gwen gone fetish wild

bondage photos !!


WMV           MP4 / Phones

Prancing around pretending to be a dominatrix. 
 Our naughty little vixen is trying out different poses for her new dominatrix profile.


  6 Mins

WMV          MP4 / Phones

Having endured a recent lengthy bondage session our innocent neighbor girl
found she was turned on in multiple ways by this new 2 on 1 bondage session. 

12 Mins
Sexy ass photoset with  Phil from Poseidon Bondage Studios       

WMV       MP4 / Phones

The neighbor girl visit's her across the hall bad boys. 
 She's heard they like to tie up girls but find that hard to believe. 


 Photoset  ~  22 pictures

Monique / Babette / Vancouver Photoset with animations



WMV          MP4 / Phones

Babette a visits sexy Monique  
in Vancouver B.C.  These girls, take turns dominating, binding and gagging each other.  With all of the city open to their huge hotel windows.  


7 Mins  Part 1
WMV       MP4/Phones

When we left our bondage tarts, we found Monique getting a mouth full of gags and boobs. Babette is in love with her helpless package


8 Mins  Part 2


 Helpless in Vancouver Kinky Cute  Monique Shows Her Domme Side...   After being bound and played with by Babs, Monique is more than ready to exact some payback !    

13 Mins  Part 3

WMV HD         MP4 / Phones

  "HELP HELP" she  tried to yell from under her gag but "MMBBLMM".. was all she said.  Overwhelmed, our model carries on loud  gag talking.

    8 Mins

WMV Video           Photoset

      4 Mins

: Jenny Lynn Audition Video. An angel who is interested in bondage is angelic indeed !! 

Lana has her way with Babette


WMV          MP4 / Phones 

Stern School Mistress Lana and the naughty naughty girl student.   The school mistress is not pleased and ponders the proper punishment while she ties her  up at the school's training pole. 

   9 Mins



WMV Video          MP4 / Phones 

Sent to a strict finishing school, our naughty slutty student receives some special extra 'finishing' from strict school mistress Lana. 

   10 Mins


WMV       MP4        Phones

Sexy, topless, red, leather arm binder.  Turned on by this fetish package, her large visitor becomes very much turned on and can't keep his hands off.  

8 Mins  Part 1

WMV          MP4         Phone
Trixie has been in the topless armbinder for a very long time while her mystery guest applies different gags both over and "inside" her mouth !!

10 Mins  
Part 2

WMV           MP4            Phone

 Trixie  and  her mouth !!  

9 Mins      Part 3

WMV           Smart Phones

Down the girly rabbit hole / through the feminine looking glass goes our innocent little girl.  Made to sit under and old fashioned beauty salon hair drier, Maggie will wind up with permanent girly waves after an hour of this femme treatment. 

13 Min   Part 1

WMV            Smart Phones

  Pretty pretty Maggie, subjected to physical, emotional and mental hypnotic suggestions falls deeper and deeper into an overwhelmingly submissive feminine feeling.   Finally seeing her boy clothes burned in the fireplace  !! 

   17 Min     Part 2
WMV           MP4 / Phones

Maggie is taken into her next phase of involuntary feminization.  Made to listen to a powerful feminization hypnosis tape, she seems to noticeably change !  

8 Min     Part 3
WMV HD           MP4/Phones

Maggie's Feminization Goes into its very submissive stage, featuring black shrink wrapped bondage and a big black leather pump gag.  T

  7 Min     Part 4

WMV             MP4 / Phones

Rubber Doll Steffy, Leah and Tina at the Calgary Adult Playground Club. Her new bosses get carried away with their power over such a gorgeous yet helpless creature !! 

  12 Min
75 Picture Photoset

Represented by several models including Rubber Doll Steffy and Leah,  Babette and Tall Guy Domme, Rebecca,  Babette and Master X .  

WMV             MP4 / Phones

 A major unnamed department store  has contracted the famous bondage rigger, RTG to provide a heavily bondage oriented rotating display. 

    10 Min

 35 Picture Photoset

 Hot kinky action with Buffy, Dana and Master X !!


WMV            MP4 / Phones

After the Fetish Ball !!   After another fetish party, let's have our own fetish, bondage, FUN!!   O up...

 8 Min
WMV            MP4 / Phones

Dana and Buffy caught trying on their mistresses clothing and to make it worse they were engaging in lesbian activities without mistresses supervision. 

14 Min  Part 1

WMV               MP4 / Phones

Dana and Buffy ... Naughty Fetish Girls Buffy needs some lube and Dana is more  than willing to  apply  it !!  Getting ready to go out to a fetish ball. 

8 Min  Part 2
32  Picture Photoset

Buffy visits Tammy's wilderness retreat only to bound and gagged by expert rigger Tyler and hostess Tammy.     Hot autumn fun in the Washington State Cascade Mountains.  


WMV             MP4 / Phones

Inflatable  penis gagged... makes one almost feel the the large internal penis getting bigger with each squeeze of the black pump ball.   What can a helpless girl do when gagged in such a way?  
    7 Min

WMV           MP4/Smart Phones

Buffy Vixen bondage audition and feminization project.  

10 Min  Part 1

 WMV            MP4 / Phones

In part 2 of the Buffy bondage audition, more devious tests are created for our new model. Hard as it is when, bound and gagged, she must continue to 'jump through hoops.

     11 Min   Part 2
80  Picture Photoset 


40 Picture Photoset

  Maggie's ongoing feminization continues with a serious sexy tape gag and a queen of the Nile, mummification.



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