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WMV HD      Smart Phones

French girl Essio is in a fancy motel
 Hi Babette,   I have been a member of your fine site since its inception and your latest clip of Essiao is the best yet...       Marlynne  ..."

11 Mins
91  Picture Photoset

  French tourist Essiao visits her cousin Babette in Seattle, where she is acquainted to a strange American custom of binding, gagging and teasing all female visitors !!  

WMV HD    MP4 / Phones

Having to order a whole case of red shrink wrap, Dave and Babette explore its possible  uses.  Wrapping the arms, hands and waist all into one smooth unit looks and feels really hot !   Finally, Dave outfits Babette with super sexy kinky fetish boots. 

 10 Mins
64 photo picture set

   ~  Mountlake Dave and Babette go on a stream of conciousness, fetish crazed, photo and video shoot.  Different outfits, kinky boots, different looks and some lovely shrink wrap bondage.  Also included, several hot dominatrix pictures especially posed for your favorite submissive fantasies.


2.)    3.)  


   Jan 2011 

<< - - PHOTOSET 1 - - >>

Photoset     Hot hot Stacey S is bound and gagged while innocently hanging out in her motel room. Different outfits, different positions, different bindings and last but
not least, different gags !

<< - - PHOTOSET 2 - - >>

35 photo picture set   ~  Nurse Stacey S visits a home patient with a very special nursing need. He gets relief by tying up and gagging nurses and even pays the going nursing rate to get this special treatment. Needless to say, this therapy comes as a shock to visiting nurse Stacey S

<< - - PHOTOSET 3 - - >>

Stacey caught, bound and gagged to the Chicago motel pole !!  Gorgeous bondage, tightly ball gagged and in a bedroom !!  Waiting helplessly for her 'admirer' to return when her destiny will be fulfilled !!

<< - - PHOTOSET 4 - - >>

Black Rubber and Hot Pink Rope   ~    photoset    ~   More of Stacey's  Sexy,
 Naughty, Bondage, Chicago Adventure.

<< - - PHOTOSET 5 - - >>

Miss Stacey's Polka dot Predicament Photoset  ~  Expressing her love for polka dot accessories, Stacey is accommodated with both cleave and
over the mouth polka dot gags.   Bound to a rolling chair, she is ready to be rolled off to any other room where her condition may be more properly exploited !!

WMV       Mp4     Phone

Tightly Taped Tart - made  to put her own panties in her mouth, she is then 'encouraged' to apply a tape gag.  What will happen when she is tape gagged and on her knees ? !

9 Minutes  Part 1

WMV    MP4   Phone

Tightly Taped Tart -  After  Tart's repeated attempts to hop away, she is moved to the floor for a good old fashioned hog tie and spanking.   Enjoy this  embarrassing bondage and punishment while she wiggles around in her skimpy red slip.   Lots of on screen binding, spanking and teasing.

11 Minutes   Part 2
WMV    MP4 / Phones

Snatched while hiking in the Alps, international traveler Buffy Vixxen, is bound, gagged and carted off to the amusement of this kinky group of quaint mountain men.  Wheel barrowed back to their cabin, thesefrisky backwoods boys thrill to the chance to bind, gag and tease our hapless traveler.

 8 Minutes  Part 1

WMV     MP4 / Phones

Backwoods Bondage Cabin Cutie After tying our hapless heroine all around theoutdoors, darkness falls and it's time to bring her into their quaint log cabin !!  Tossed on the small bed, Buffyhas significant restraints added to her sexy flexible body !

6 Minutes  Part 2

WMV         MP4 / Phones

So she  fixes her makeup and starts to leave when  the boys are once again overtaken by their need for damsel in distress bondage.   Maybe if they lived in the big city, they'd have more girls to tie up, but out here in the remote mountains they only see a couple girls a year.  Besides they have  new gag that has never been modeled for them so they grab Buffy at the door and stuff it in her mouth.

      Part 3

WMV         MP4 / Phones

Bondage foreplay and make out session with hottie, Shanelle Sheers.  Shanelle is in Seattle to meet a mysterious man who loves bondage...  Provocative legs and a see through blouse...a come hither smile and a micro mini skirt all supercharge her mystery date with a rush of lust in his kinky mind... Struggle leads to total sexual submission in her bondage make out  session..

      9 Mins  Part 1
WMV      MP4 / Phones

Shanelle Sheers Titty Wiggles and Hot Foreplay... "On The Bed"  Fresh from her very first bondage experience, Shanelle Sheers is ready for phase 2 ...hog tied on the sleazy motel bed !

8 Mins  Part 2

WMV Lo Res           MP4 / Phones

 Roxy Returns    UK's favorite bondage bimbo is back and this time with videos !  OH OH, she's grabbed from behind and while her struggles were feeble, struggle she did.    The mystery girl watches lustfully, as the bound and ball gagged, squirming, sissy girl struggles on the couch !  Finally the visitor exits, leaving poor Roxy for her roommate to find ! 
   This is a smaller non HD Video  

5 Mins

Videos labeled "Phones", "Smart Phones" or "MP4 / Phones" are all small MP4's and will play on your phone or computer browser

WMV      MP4 / Phones

Hot Kitty Cheerleader in trouble.
Kitty loves cheerleading... so much so that she has joined 2 teams...Each team thinks they have an exclusive contract whereas she does not work for competing cheer squads.  The 2 teams are the "Starlites" and the "Sith".   The "Sith" has been spying on her and found her practicing alone in the hated competing Starlite team uniform ! Working alone she is caught in her lie,  bound, gagged and pumped with questions and  accusations by the Sith soldier !!  

       8 Mins  Part 1  

WMV              MP4 / Phones

   Caught again by the opposing cheer squad, our overly enthusiastic cheer leader is caught, detained and finally bound and when she apparently will give out no more information, she is put into a most silencing and fiendish gag we've ever seen !!

      Mins   Part 2
Bimbo Photoset

 Old School Clothing and Hair.  Detective Magazine Cover Model.  Wanting to pose for retro detective mag's, our hopeful model is put through some rough bondage paces !!

WMV           MP4 / Phones

Pinkie Bimbo - Innocent farm girl looking for modeling work, finds modeling work but not quite what she thought would lead to stardom in the movie world

    12 Mins
WMV            MP4 / Phones

 - On screen gagging scenes -   Ok  we're on screen gagging freaks and we've had several requests .   This features the lower res videos from 2007 and before. It's 99% pure gagging with a few gratuitous body and squirming shots thrown in. Also we found several hot scenes we hadn't seen before and absolutely loved.....  
    32 Mins  Part 1

WMV Low Res          MP4 / Phones

On screen gagging scenes -    From 2008 and are 95% On screen gagging.  We've included some additional hot squirming and already gagged scenes just because we felt like it...

     28 Mins  Part 2  

WMV         MP4 / Phones
On screen gagging scenes
More on screen gagging, tying, spanking, and fondling scenes.

23 Mins  Part 3
WMV      MP4 / Phones

- On screen gagging scenes -
Wildly popular, these little "best of" vignettes where our secretary, Petunia has trouble concentrating on the actual editing and keeps working in private,  and "HEY" where's my vibrator ??   After putting her into a chastity belt, she finally finished Part 4 of poor  models, victimized by their "friends"


 30 Mins  Part 3


WMV HD               MP4 / Phones

- On screen gagging scenes -
More onscreen "best of" action and  this one is mostly HD 19 x9 format.  We had to tie our secretary, Petunia to her chair and keep the dildos, butt plugs and vibrators out of her reach so she could finish editing this video.  

     22 Mins  Part 5


Robin Bond

Hot photo session at local bondage photo studio.

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WMV           MP4 / Phones

  ~  OMG, Robin rented this hot studio just so we could "do stuff" to her femme body.Robin Bond is subjected to "Pink Bedspread Feminization", but will it work? Most girls can't resist the pink combination with being bound and gagged, therefore she is destined to bask in submissive femininity.

9 Mins
WMV HD            MP4 / Phones

Hot Fun In The Summer Time Our  friend Robin has the use of a professional fetish photo studio.  She also has volunteers willing to bind, gag and video her.   As a cross dresser and huge bondage fan, she has the use of a makeup artist, a rigger and 2 photographers. 

12 Mins

WMV HD          MP4 / Phones

Dr. NZ  Psychiatrist and master rigger makes a house call and says: "Why it's just Latent restraint bondage syndrome. Certain animals,  find a zen style of relief from bondage, gags and blindfolds. The worse the syndrome, the more extensive and tighter, the bondage must be and yes you can trust me why...because I'm a doctor"!!!  


    8 Mins 


Accompanying the video with Dr. NZ and Buffy Vixxon 

WMV HD     MP4 / Phones
Shutting Up Nurse Betty  Shutup Nurse Betty Blah Blah Bedpan, Blah Blah Enema,  OK Nurse thanks for coming over but we  have a cure for that. Heh Heh Heh !

    6 Mins 
Nurse Buffy's

Extreme "Therapy"
  Accompanies the nurse Buffy video. 


Nature Girl Photoset

 Visits Tammy's Remote Wilderness Cabin
Grabbed while touring the wilderness out back of the cabin, thisgirl bound, gagged and photographed all around this wild setting !! 

WMV            MP4


Nature Girl - A dangerous  wilderness adventure had innocent beginnings but no one expected the scary aggressive wildlife that was moving in on a bound and gagged helpless girl, who was all alone !!  

  13 Mins
WMV               MP4 / Phones

  Photo model Trixie, in the kinky workshop !!  Photographer Tammy escalates what was supposed to be a simple rubber topless girl photo shoot into something "else" !  She tells model Trixie that she wants some special timed exposures where the model must be absolutely still and convinces her that a "couple" wraps of rope will make for much more artistic pictures and Trixie, if nothing else, fancies herself artistic.     YIKES, OMG it's a huge penis stuff gag.  After a couple hours of this involuntary modeling something truly strange starts to happen that truly scares the hell out of Trixie !!  

       8 Mins

WMV     MP4 / Phones
Trixie has seen something scary after she was bound and gagged by Tammy.  Horrified, Trixie watches her captor binding and gagging and blindfolding herself in inescapable bondage !  10 miles from the nearest person, it looks like the only visitors they might have are critters from the woods. Then she sees men with guns...Are they hunters?  Why do they have ski masks?  She had heard about bank robbers on the loose.  Would they need hostages?  Hostages already bound and gagged... how convenient !

     7 Mins


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