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HD WMV         MP4 / phones

Buffy's Topless Test Shoot, Scott Paul Studios 

  7 Mins
Photoset   Buffy's very first bondage audition

recently found - earlier photoset of a frightened Buffy getting tied up for the first time.  She's clearly nervous about the home made symbian !

HD WMV              MP4 / Smart Phones

Real Estate Lady Chloroform Bondage   ~   Real Estate sales lady visits eccentric fetish enthusiast.  She launches into her ales pitch when the customer walks behind her and the "fun" begins when he applies the chloroform. He ties her up, applies a ball gag and a big vibrator in her panty hose. To get at her panty hose he must first remove her skin tight  skirt and panties. I expect she'll have mixed feelings about this "predicament".

    9 Mins   Part 1

HD WMV    MP4 /  Phones

The Action Escalates  ~   Bound and gagged with a vibrator stuffed in her panty hose, our real estate lady is having a very special kind of "open house".

    10 Mins  Part 2


Buffy / Dave / Babs Hot Multi Scene


WMV              MP4 / Phones

 I'd like to try bondage but am too scared.   When she had had enough bondage, she was shocked to find out that Dave didn't want to release her !!!  He wanted photos and video and MORE !
    12 Mins...

Naughty Sissy Maid Prances around and winds up on the bed encased in pantyhose from head to toe and then over wrapped with lovely red tape !  Before that she is bound from behind and gagged with a specially made ball gag feather duster !  Sissy maid lovers, bondage lovers, encasement lovers and duct tape / inflatable dildo lovers unite !  S Hot Amateur Bondage Model Jackie from NYC Visits Dave and Babette

 Photoset  Jackie Hogtied In Bed and her application for a job as a puppet carhop all at Scott Paul Studios Courtesy of Villainous Master X and Real Doll Dave.

 WMV HD                MP4 /  Phones

Sissy Maid
Jackie is caught prancing around in her sissy maid outfit by a photographer who makes her pose in embarrassing sissy maid positions and then cuffs and gags her and insists she dust every spec of the room with a frilly feather duster.  Lots of moaning, cleaning and gag mumbling.

 Part 1   -
  6 Minutes
WMV HD          MP4 / Smart phones

Feather Duster Ball Gag - The "fun" continues with Sissy Maid Jackie fitted with a special dusting gag.  This puts her much closer to her work and she's in a hurry to clean the whole suite before her maid master returns.

Part 2 - 11 Minutes
WMV HD         MP4 / Smart phones

 Buffy struts her elastic body while she's bound gagged and played with. 

WMV HD        MP4 / Smart phones

Jackie visits The Scott Paul studio but before she can enjoy it, she's rudely hog tied on the king size bed.  Jackie struggles non stop but winds up hog tied.  She does an incredible job of squirming on this video and it's loaded with non stop on screen binding !

Part 1 - 8 Mins
WMV HD           MP4 / Smart phones

Jackie is gagged, is hog tied, suspended.   Some of the best mmphhing ever.  This NYC girl is highly vocal but well muzzled.  Squirm Jackie SQUIRM !  What's that you say we can't hear you?  You say you want more rope?  OK here it comes.


7 Mins  Part 2
HD WMV          MP4 / Smart Phones

 Buffy is hopping mad about having to come in to work on the weekend. Her boss is a mean bitch and to top it all, she has a visitor !

8 Mins
Photoset  ~  Robin Bond's Motel 6

Bondage Adventure.

WMV HD            MP4 / Smart phones

7 Mins Cindy Ann  is feeling sassy in her lingerie, shoes and dresses so she says "yes".  Her "payment" consists of 1 hour of glamour shots and 12 hours of continual bondage.  The web site has several request for certain gags and positions and she will fulfill them all.

 Part 1
60 Picture Photoset  ~ 
Bondage virgin, Cindy Ann

Is happy during her "normal" photo shoot, but get's pretty nervous when she's required to do some bondage modeling to pay for her photos !  Some Jack Daniels might help but not so much as she hoped !!

WMV HD             MP4 / Phones

7 Mins  Cindy Ann  7 Min Video  ~  Given a new wig and a full length mirror Cindy Ann is beside herself with glee.  In  this video our girly is made  to change into a sexy dress.  2 outfits, 2 gagging scenes and 2 bondage positions for a hot visit.  

 Part 2



 MP4 / Phones

 12 Mins Cindy Ann
Thinking she might be a domme, Cindy is "convinced" to change her mind and follow her natural submissive state.

Part 3

WMV HD             MP4 / Phones

 15 Mins Having modeled in several scenes today, Cindy is forced into a devious bondage corset that she clearly doesn't like.  Once hooked in and properly gagged, she is then hobbled with ankle cuffs and led around on a leash.   She is  then paraded in front of the picture windows in full view of the condo next door.  They laugh and point further humiliating the girl in the bondage corset and the big  gag !!

  Part 4

Videos labeled "Phones", "Smart Phones" or "MP4 / Phones" are all small MP4's and will play on your phone or computer browser      

WMV HD         MP4 / Phones

8 Minutes Cocktail dress bondage  ~  Thinking she was done with her bondage modeling, Cindy puts on her cocktail dress in anticipation of going out for drinks.   Hot on screen binding gagging and fondling of our hapless damsel.

     Part 5
 WMV HD             MP4 /  Phones

Dave and Master X Gang up on Babs  ~  2 on one bad boys versus innocent damsel.   Stool and post bondage where the victim is tied and gagged to the pole.   A pump gag too for that added "fun".

12 Minutes
    Photos in psteel82010
WMV HD                 MP4 / Smart Phones

  Deep Throat, Merry Go Round, Bound and Gagged

  11 Minutes  Part 1
WMV            MP4 / Smart Phones

Deep Throat, Merry Go Round continues somewhat more explicitly... Bound and Gagged Slurp slurp !

     10 Minutes  Part 2



 Foiled Again Photoset

  40 photos  ~  Heavily gagged with industrial, metal surfaced tape, Babette is left vulnerable in her motel room with Shanelle and an evil villain.

 54 photos 

International visitor, Shanelle's Motel Caper  Teased, Tied, Gagged and Teased Some More !

WMV HD        MP4 / Smart phones

Smart ass model starts to drink and drinks too much. She's up for anything now. How much "anything"? Dave has a sixth sense on when to exploit models !!

8 Minutes 
WMV HD             MP4 / Phones

 7 Mins Master Dave High Heel Fetish King is not too pleased with Babette's measly 4 3/4 inch heels and is going to make sure she remembers his demands, especially in the footwear department.   After following her around her condo while she was bound, gagged and humiliated. He decides he wants her more stationary so he can take embarrassing photos to post on the web. 

 Kitty Kim Motel Photoset. 

 40 hot photos where Kim gets a professional makeover and contracts for a photo shoot.  Mostly glamour shots she wants but the photographer wants something completely different !

WMV HD               MP4 / Phones

  8 Mins  Bound and Gagged in several uncomfortable and embarassing positions.  Babette naughty again, when will she ever learn.  How bad was she this time?   The evidence speaks for itself and Master x will administer the treatment.

Large Photo Set of screaming, crying and resignations.  Holy crap Babette is such a brat and this time she's in for some serious "therapy".   Bound and Gagged in several uncomfortable and embarassing positions.  Master x will administer the treatment.


WMV HD              MP4 / Phones

Maid Michelle Mars Video   ~   A good maid is hard to find so don't let this one get away. You will dust and clean while bound and gagged to help you focus on your work !!  Later she is forced to cuff herself to the vacuum cleaner!!

    8 Mins
Large Photoset  ~  Turtleneck bimbo

 Bound gagged, stripped and humiliated escapes her own strict bondage and changes into domme clothing and applies a forced femme scene on her nemesis.


MP4 / Smart Phones

   The neighbor is kinky for black sweaters so here's a tip girls.  If the neighbor shows up in a mask and it's not Halloween, rethink your strategy of opening the door!  Hot hot struggling, attempts to escape foiled and more on screen boy on girl action !

10 Minutes
WMV HD             MP4 / Phones

 Great pickup line  "Does This Smell Like Chloroform to You ?"  Oh oh she's waking up and bound to start  bitching so time for the gag !!   Oh dear, why is this guy undressing?   Flattering that he gets excited but is it me or just the ropes and gag?  Looks like I'm finally getting untied.  OH OH, my gag's off but still tied?   EEEEK   !

9 Minutes
WMV HD              MP4 / Phones

Fast asleep she is placed on a stool and when she starts to awake, here comes the chloroform again and  this time she's tied up and  left on the stool. 

        8 Mins

Dana and Bree.  Bree is forced into glam makeup and dressed like a secretary.  Dana is her boss and is not amused by her performance.

 WMV          MP4 / Phones

 New bondage model, Bree has a get acquainted makeover and bondage audition.

7 Mins

The Halloween Misunderstanding.

Forced Femme Featuring the EstroFemme Rapid Sex Change Device !
  Just looking for a convincing makeover, our innocent victim is mistakenly shuttled into a forced sex change, experiment using a device designed to speed up the process.    She will wake up thinking she's always been a girl and is eager to do more bidding for her master, who she's conditioned to adore.
WMV HD                  MP4 / Phones

Setup scenes for Estro-Femme forced femme video with RD Dave  
5 Mins  Part 1 

WMV HD               MP4 / Phones

The EstroFemme forced sex change bondage device scene happens here !! 

8 Mins Part 2 
Extensive Photoset

 With Real Doll Dave of

 WMV HD             MP4 / Phones

Forced to gag herself, she is then put into the fiendish Scott Paul device.   A vibrating wand is added just to up the drama and then hands and feet cuffed in various positions, our girl will be showing off her ass, while the vibrator does its thing.

   4 Mins
 Rain Forest Wood Nymph photo shoot.

   This is a test shoot to establish some outdoor video concepts.  We liked the shots well enough to present them to you.

  Videos labeled "Phones", "Smart Phones" or "MP4 / Phones" are all small MP4's and will play on your phone or computer browser.

WMV HD             MP4 / Phones

Sexy Shanelle Sheers back for more bondage training.  She doesn't like gags but we don't care, she's getting one.  I think she'd rather do something else with her mouth but I can't imagine what it could be ?

7 Mins

Setup / foreplay WMV HD

MP4 / Phone Setup 

 1.)  Setup and Foreplay Video (7 Min) 

Part 1
WMV HD                  MP4 / Phone 

The final scene video  (8 Min's)Sexy Shanelle Sheers back in Seattle for more bondage training.  Moved from the chair to the bed with sister Babette !

Part 2

WMV        Smart Phones

Trixie Creamer, bound in bed by her CD neighbor.   Forced to perform unspeakable fantasies, Trixie is both horrified and excited ?  Just discovered this older video.  Not HD but very naughty nonetheless !!


 12 Minutes

WMV HD            Photos          MP4 / Phones

When she consistently refuses to buy property from a kinky real estate guy,  he applies a motivation almost no red blooded girl can resist.   She is initially appalled but shortly "comes" around and will agree to buy property if he continues to apply this "motivation" weekly !!

             9 Minutes

     End 2012 Content

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