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 Sandra ties and gags naive, noisy, naughty Babette New larger format MP4's added Jan 2020

MP4           Smart Phones         WMV HD

Sandra is normally only available to ambassadors and visiting dignitaries, LA's special, evening, hostess Sandra found her self inexplicably alone in a bar.
  Normally paid by the LA Chamber of Commerce, it looked like she would have to freelance some work tonight...Maybe she could practice some of the finer fetish arts increasingly demanded by foreign dignitaries...As she scans the available patrons her fetish radar seems to hone in on this floozy in the corner and bought her a drink...And then this happened…

★★★★6 Mins  Part 1
 MP4       WMV HD      Smart Phones

Gullible Babette believes Sandra is not a bondage expert and feels more comfortable with someone she thinks is a new and innocent bondage devotee.   Sandra finds Babette in a bar and offers her "innocent" services for a reasonable fee.  Babette gets way more than she bargained for by an expert bondage dominatrix who is a little bored and has a little extra time on her hands !!!  Will Babette learn anything from this, for a change?
13 Mins  Part 2 
 MP4      WMV HD         Smart Phones

Sandra has the Hitachi Wand out !  After some sexual and disciplinary episodes, Sandra prepares to leave.  Before she leaves, she blindfolds and hog ties Babette and tapes the motel door lock so the door stays unlocked.   She tells Babette, that she'll "call in 4 hours and you don't answer she'll send her friend over who loves tied up trannies !

★★★★ 12 Mins    Part 3
 46 photos

   Sandra and Babette

WMV          Phones

Babs becomes one of Als Gals In Bondage.  Tied to a 70's style "posture chair" on top of a Frankenstein retro medical table, the bizarre scene unfolds ! Visit Master Al at  

  9 Mins
WMV      Photos       Phones

 Today's lesson.  Never stick your tongue out at Master Allen unless you want to be bagged, gagged and taped !! 

9 Mins
WMV            Phones

Never taunt an accomplished, famous rigger, daring him to a level of binding and gagging, that was both silencing and inescapable.  OMG this is a hot, bondage, Kansas City, scenario !  
  thanks to 

11 Mins


WMV         Phones       MP4

This is a new set of on  screen gagging compilations from 13 different videos.


7 Mins
113 Picture Photoset

Photos and Screen Shots from 10 different video / photo sessions in 2014

WMV           Phones

Rotating, bimbo Babette is put
onto this bizarre carnival ride !!

8 Mins  Part 1
WMV     Phones

Suspended, rotating finale !

8 Mins  Part 2
 WMV        Photos        Phones 

Nasty rubber, girl, in a marathon bondage struggle.  She endures the struggle, but 
finally submits...Some of the strictest,bondage we've ever done. 


9 Mins  Part 1
WMV    MP4     Photos

Rubber girl, now properly gagged, continues to struggle with challenges.  Beautiful strict bondage with hints of escape that never quite come true.  

8 Mins   Part 2


WMV       Photos        Phones

Tied to the rotating table, our  entre exhibits her bound and gagged charms in 360 degrees. When she comes to your part of the dinner table please help yourself !   

7 Mins Part 1
WMV      Photos       Phones 

Awesome setup and creative rigging of girl on a chair, tied to a spinning pole, on a mattress, on a round table, that spins. 

13 Mins  Part 2
WMV         MP4        Phones        Photos

Girl on a revolving stick gets double shrink wrapped to the revolving bed, chair, pole thingy.   

 8 Mins Part 3
 65 pictures

And screen shots

from 2 adorable Emily sessions
and 2 Kinky Kamper sessions.

WMV     Photos        Phones

This is a very serious pole tie done by a bondage craftsman.  Very tight,  completely restrictive and a pleasure to look at.  Left bound and gagged so long she drools helplessly ! 

7 Mins Part
WMV       Photos         Phones

  The strict pole tie takes on a whole new level of "strictness"!   Left bound and gagged so long, she drools, cries and moans.  Too much naughty sexy goodness.

7 Mins  Part 2
WMV       Photos       Phones

 Rotating Bondage Bimbo   ~  Just when you thought is was safe to dress like a tramp in front of your picture window, this happens !

WMV          Phones

This guy cuts off Jen and Babette. The driver feels bad and tries to  apologize.  But the girls drive faster thinking he's mad. When they turn into the motel he sneaks after them and catches his foot in the doorway to apologize, but the girls start screaming so he knows what he needs to do !!

   8 Mins
 WMV                 Phones

Babs and Al gang up on Jen but once Jen is tied, it's time to tie up Babs.  Al wonders, what about having them both suck a dick and let's make it the same dick !

  8 - Mins 
WMV        Phone        MP4

Revenge of the Bimbos   ~  On 2 occasions the tables are turned using "special" hypnosis techniques to capture the rigger !!  

  8 Mins

WMV         Phones          Photos    
 She had a couple drinks and woke up in a fog.  She was gagged and kneeling on a table.  She was being tied up but was too groggy to react until it was too late. 

6 Mins  Part 1
WMV       Photos         Phones 

When the  action changes to some vigorous bondage sex games.  Our poor girl thinks she should play along, to stay on good terms with this sex crazed bondage lover !!

5 Mins Part 2
Too many poses...

Too much bondage...too many pictures.  Poor little bondage model !  Dave and Pat get carried away.

88 picture photoset 
 WMV       Photos        Phones

The rigger is highly motivated with a penchant for naughty positions.


8 Mins

Videos labeled "Phones", "Smart Phones" or "MP4 / Phones" are all small MP4's and will play on your phone or computer browser

WMV             Phones

Bound and gagged all on screen.  This popular original  has been edited to higher  resolution with sharper edits.  

free preview   ***
  8 Mins
WMV         Phones

Meet nerd girl, sissy Emily

   4 Mins
WMV          Phones         Photos   

Adorable Emily just hanging around !   

6 Mins     
WMV                 Phones

Devious bondage table !   Tomasina is strictly tied, teased, taunted and fondled.  With a severe head harness gag combo she's helpless to even whimper !

10 Mins


WMV         Phones      Photos

High Heeled Maid / Rubber Booted Maid   ~ She's doing her damnedest to clean up while bound and gagged ?!?!  

7 Mins  Part 1

WMV                 Phones            Photos

High Heeled Maid / Rubber Booted Slut  She's a maid and she's made a mess by drooling through her gag.  She needs a huge drool stopping gag and to be put on the floor where she'll stay bound and gagged !!  


6 Mins  Part 2
111 pix   

Photoset >   Epic Collection   ~   Early 2014    in  collage formats

WMV             Phones 

When he tied me up and gagged me in his van I was suspicious but then he started to drive  I thought at last Im getting that lift he promised.  When he stopped in a garage, I got suspicious, but then he said  you're a lucky girl, I have just the lift you need” and he proceeded to load me into a shopping cart and wheeled me in.

7 Mins
   Part 1 
WMV          Phones

There's no end to what you can do with a suspended plaything. 

 6 Mins   Part 2
WMV           Phones       Related Photos

He took a couple of cheesecake shots and then he told me to put on this tape gag for dramatic effect?   Later he  said, "an illusion of bondage would be nice.  I won't tie you up so you can't get away, I promise".    OK this crying,  head shaking and frightened eyes produce more drama and is perfect, so keep it up.

8 Mins Part 1
WMV HD         Smart Phones       Related Photos

OK, finally got the squirmy little bitch completely tied down to the chair before she tries to hobble off again.  Silly girl trying to escape such a nice man who just wants to have his way with a bound and gagged girl.  After the chair, a naughty finale !

9 Mins   Part 2
This video has been re-edited and upgraded to HD with additional content never seen.  It is in the  2019  July preview area.
Go here and scroll to July to find this hotter, sexier version...

10 Mins

WMV         MP4      Phone          Related Photos

Whose a bad bunny?  You are...yes you are....  If a bunny only has paws, can she still give a hand job?  Coming to a theater near you or in our member's area...    

  8 Mins
Photoset >     Two scenes,

One with a ginger bimbo and another with a bunny bimbo.  Both girls started out with a simple modeling request but then opps ! !

WMV HD            Smart Phones

Just home from a fetish newcomer's meeting, she thinks these guys are just part of the fun. Newcomer fetish guys, who followed her home, but they're not !! Sexy, bondage virgin, Rose bound and gagged by 2 burglars !

  6 Mins
WMV SD        Smart Phones

   Tina gets Babs in a hogtie and an inflatable butt plug and gag,and the gag really shuts her up,  When she pumps in unison with the spankings, the stimulation gets to be, wow!

5 Mins
WMV                Phones

Hey bondage fans, meet adorable Emily !   Girl on girl bondage fun... 

10 Mins  Part 1
WMV                   Phones

Cute bondage virgin Emily is moved to the head of the class !  Sweet ass girl on girl bondage action !  Girl on girl sexy finale !  


 8 Mins      Part 2

WMV               Phones 

Heather's ordeal continues in yet another sexy motel bedroom scenario.  Great squirming and teasing while hogtied on the large bed.

    6 Mins
WMV                 Phones 

Heather  falls asleep in the chair and wakes up like this !! 

4 Mins 
WMV               Phones

Denver's  lovely Heather with her brand new awesome boobs, has her bondage audition go astray.  Too late to change her mind now !!  Leather arm binder-more great bed squirming and moaning !

5 Mins

WMV          MP4           Phones 

Monica  The Tape Tart  ~  The barefoot burglar now calls his kinky girlfriend, Brenda Biloxi to tape bind and play with Monica in the big bed.  Brenda's specialty is a big, white, smooth tape gag, holding in some red panties !  Also Monica has always been intrigued by some girl on girl action !  Once helpless, Brenda steals some of Monica's pearl necklace. Brenda has always wanted a pearl necklace...

12 Mins

Photoset >    40 photos 

  Monica  Sessions !  Hot photoset that accompanies the 2 Monica videos ! 

WMV             Phones

This guy had seen Monica in the bar and the way she was dressed seemed to invite a fun evening of bondage and more !    Later she is put into the public hallway with a sign that says, "movie in progress, please don't worry about this bound and gagged girl !!  He finally hog ties and watches her pathetic attempts at escape. 

 8 Mins

End 2014 Content

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