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2019 / 2020 / 2021 

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Fantastic encasement - 11 delicious Minutes ...

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First a bj but then ...From our retro video collection...    
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Now appearing at the Bondage Motel this slut for 14 Minutes
from our retro video collection...

She's baaaak...Naughty bondage foreplay as requested...Part 1

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Part 2 is even more requested !........The final landing !

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30 Minute epic video....Naughty bouncing nipples accentuated by tears and clothespins struggles to no avail !!

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She's Back......April 2nd 2021.....15 Minute Video........The Best Bondage Foreplay and Sex.  This happy discovery happened 10 years ago when we were younger and even kinkier :)

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17 Minute Video....Comeuppance time and now the guest is the Mistress and the hostess is the sissy sub.  The times they are a changing !!

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11 Minute Video.... Babette's naughty girlfriend Jane flirts with the neighbor and gets tied up !

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7 Minute Video....

1. TG bondage.....2. CD on TG action......3. CD self bondage freaking out already tied up girl......4. CD getting into some self CBT action......5. Both tied up girls inflicting CBT action on girl number 2 without use of hands......6. Confused?...You won't be after watching this video...

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8 Minute Video....Girdled Girl....Often requested complete tape bound gagged and girdled !

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4 Minute Video....Many requests for self bondage so this is mostly self bondage with a little help in my rear !

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12 Minute Video.... Lots of pent up action after waiting all this time to record videos.  How pent up is it? Check the preview below for a hint...

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4 Min Video....Trixie overcomes her tormenter and does a forced femme bondage scene on her.  When done she forces her into the bedroom for some sexual satisfaction of her own !!

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18 Min Video....Trixie thinks she's a dominatrix and is shining her black rubber strap on when her suppossed submissive goes all dom on her ass !! Another ultra HD saved from the low resolution scrap heap of the past.

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10 Min Video following up the pink rubber is the even hotter black rubber hot hot hot bondage session.  Recovered from the sex heap of history this is unbelievable in Ultra HD.

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9 Min Video...Finally found the original DVD backup of this hot pink rubber bondage session.  You may have seen parts of this before, but never in high (or even medium) resolution.  We have our "victim" head to toe in well shined black and pink rubber and our rigger who is an obvious rope expert going to the extreme.  And after the hard work he feels (rightly so), that he can take a few liberties...Original sound drowned out by AC and Fans so had to add musical accompaniment to the bondage festivities .

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6 Minute Video... This professional rigger has all kinds of tricks that are too real to be simple "acting".  This guy is into it !!  Kinky stretch lycra leopard girl is in for it now !

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 5 Minute Video... A treasure trove of found videos from Babette's naughty period. And speaking of history this blue dress is straight out of the 1980's...

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14 Minute Video...Found this hot gem from before Babette had implants so she's extra feisty, bitchy and naive !!  3 different scenes featuring the overly enthusiastic bondage rigger, Tyler Ties !!..

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New Emily Photos / Members   

   10 Min Video.... Buffy, Dave and Babs  found and updated !

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 .6 Min Video...Naughty Nancy's bondage adventure continues !

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5 Min Video...  Bound, gagged, hooded and gagged again, there's no end to the fun !!

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8 Min Video... To make our model more level headed we tipped her right side up to counterbalance the recent upside down experience.

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7 Min Video....Once again our girl is suspended from girl's school for bad behavior.

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    5 Min Video
Government department of Red Tape, Sexy Bondage Division.  Forced to gag herself she then receives some "help"...

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11Min Video....The "Freebird Session" where sexy bondage escalates from dry humping into more !

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Staring Contest with the Photographer Bondage Session


7 Min Video

Stunt double Nancy is captured, feminized and completely enveloped in black shiny pantyhose.  Tied and rope gagged, her legs are tied in a spread position for some future manipulations by her evil tormenter. OK let's be clear, she's going to tie his ass up and play with his dick ! 

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3 Min Video
From chair bunny to rug bunny this beautiful bondage done by the incredible Portia... Both sexy and fun to watch...

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5 Min Video....Naughty transparent topless outfit gets our little girl in trouble again !!

MP4        Phone        WMV

6 Min Video....Naughty Nancy is Babette's stunt double and is being punished for messing up a stunt where she was supposed insert a large dildo instead of Babette whose ass is too tight for such large tools !  On camera it's supposed to look and sound like Babette but Nancy's high pitched scream is way higher than Babette could ever muster.  This stunt double messed up and get's a little bondage and penis "therapy".

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