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WMV     MP4 / Phone
In the mood for a Halloween costume one of Tyler Tie's clients orders a kinky bondage scene with a naughty nurse so Tyler improvises by calling up a local nurses agency . When this nurse shows up she winds up as the new unwilling bondage model 

 10 Mins  Part 1
 WMV       MP4 / Phone
Our kinky Halloween nurse action continues
 as our nurse leaves the couch and goes down  on the floor.   Tyler continues his special brand of bondage training and seduction while our reluctant beauty becomes confused and turned on at the same time.  Part of her resists but part of her seems to love this new form of attention !!

 8 Mins  Part 2
WMV        MP4 / Phone
After 4 hours of being bound,
 gagged and teased, our visiting nurse is warming up this special form of seduction.  Still squirming and protesting as loud as she can manage with a combo over the mouth / stuff gag, she is clearly receptive to some initial sexual advances !!

8 Minutes  Part 3
WMV    MP4 /Phone 
 Our Halloween nurse is slowly being drawn
 in to some of the more sexual aspects of bondage.  After several hours of bondage she is finally allowed to touch 'it' and play with 'it'.  Some more stuff happens but the censors won't let me describe it here !!

8 Minutes  Part 4 
WMV    MP4 / Phone
12 Mins  How do you get a girl to like bondage?
  We're going to use a special dildo chair to work this.  See for yourself how this girl acclimates to her dildo and rather embarrassing sexual turn on !!    
  Part 5
Part One, Tyler hires a special nurse   Scortching hot Tyler and the fantasy nurse bondage visitation !!
Part Two, Tyler hires a special nurse. The naughty nurse is bound and gagged while straddling the office chair !!


WMV    MP4 / Phone

 Two girls on one bondage fun   Jennifer Bounder bound and gagged by 2 other girls.  Hot hot hot and sexy bondage scenes with these 3 girls !!    
8 Mins  Part 3

  WMV       MP4 / Phone Version
Spank and Tease Video
   Michelle teases her relentlessly with a naughty sex toy.  

 WMV    Phone Version
Intruder alert Video... Lesbians are interrupted in the middle of their bondage foreplay session. 

 7 Mins
WMV SD     Phone Version
Kinky Hypnotist:  Babette and Michelle get chloroform and go to sleep waking up with lesbian desires.    

9 Mins

 WMV HD  Phone
 8 Mins   Classic sexy bondage scene. Original 2008 version.  Has been re-mastered in 2016.

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WMV     MP4 / Phone
this video has binding, gagging with sissy pink vet wrap.  It also has some cherry red ass spanking and a girly orgasm.

WMV     MP4 / Phone
Bound, gagged, taken into public !!
 Jennifer Bounder goes out.   
 9 Minutes

WMV     MP4 / Phone
8 Mins  Rebecca visits Earth Mother's Bondage Spa   As part of her periodically needed therapy, Rebecca gets tightly bound and gagged  by her therapist, Earth Mother. 
 Part 1 
 WMV    MP4 / Phone
 6 Mins  This time she tries  to signal for help in creative ways, as the likelihood of being held for ransom is pretty high. 
   Part 2
 WMV     MP4 / Phone
Bound and gagged, magic carpet ride. 
6 Mins  Part 3
 WMV     MP4 / Phone
Portia, the bound tv maid, can't get any cleaning done
  with Babette continuing to make messes. hmmm any ideas??  

5 Minutes
 WMV     MP4 / Phone
Kathy makes a tranny safety movies,
 , "Never Leave Your Door Unlocked"..  She is ball gagged and dressed in trashy clothes.

7 Minutes  Part 1
WMV   MP4 / Phone
9 Mins  This burglar is not out to steal anything, rather he makes Kathy put on the trashy fetish clothing he has brought, creating his own fetish doll !   
   Part 2

  WMV   MP4 / Phone
Scientist Judy gets mental health and science grants
to study the submissive and slutty effects that bondage has on girls !!  Our subject needs the money and has no idea what she's in for? 
Part 1      Related Photos 
 WMV   MP4 / Phone
 Scientist Judy continues  her bizarre scientific experiments with Jane Doe subject.   Poor Jane has never heard of such abnormal psychological experiments but needs the money.

 Part 2     Related Photos
WMV    Phone Version
12 Mins  Subject Jane Doe catches Scientist Judy sleeping and  and takes this as a sign that the experiment now requires her to tie up Doctor Judy.    

  Part 3      Related Photos  
WMV    MP4 / Phone
The Video Finale     The experiments will continue
 until the results fit the theory !!  Subjects attempting to disprove the theory will be progressively gagged and teased until they change their "objective" opinions !  This subject turned scientist is not "mad" just a bit crazy over her favorite new hobby !! 

Part 4    Related Photos
 8 Mins  At first Traci seems to moan in protest but later OMG Traci really gets carried away  in the finale we reach a new standard in sexual squirming. and does a much requested scene where she plays with her protruding, bottom as well as pushing on the vibrating butt plug !! 
 Part 1 
        MP4 / Phone

Part 2  -      
WMV         MP4      Phone MP4
  WMV      MP4 / Phone
6 Mins  Shawna Video . . . Seattle's chamber of commerce lure yet another tourist  Seattle's special chamber of commerce girls lure yet another unsuspecting tourist into their special "bondage studio".  Lovely Shawna Shears is met be this welcome wagon and given the "special tour" which includes extensive bondage and are  designed to turn Seattle into a vacation hotspot!! 
   Part 1
WMV   MP4 / Phone
10 Mins Shawna Video . . . Seattle's special chamber of commerce girls lure yet another unsuspecting tourist  such as native sucking, deep kissing and dramatic teasing.   Thanks again to the cooperation of The Seattle Chamber of Commerce's special fetish swapping reciprocal Tgirl exchange program !!
     Part 2
WMV          MP4 / Phone
10 Mins S
uper sexy bound and corset gagged.  Babette was only demonstrating  how to wear it, But then Babette was unceremoniously bound by the girls.  Gagged already so couldn't complain.
  Part 3
WMV           Phone
7 Mins  Jenny and Shawna continue to hog tie and tease silly little Babette.  That'll teach her to model a fancy new leather gag.  Lots of whining, moaning and crying through her gag while being chastised for being such a whiney slobbering little bitch !! 

Part 4 

Photoset Sexy Shawna Shears  tied and teased by Babette and Jenny taken during the ever popular Shawna videos !!


50 pictures (PHOTOSET) of the very popular
Scientist Judy and Hapless Volunteer Subject, Jane Doe series !! 
 <<  PhotoSet  >>
2 rubber dresses

WMV    MP4 / Phone
 Bound, gagged, manhandled and loving it. 
  A fetish puppet girl meets a kinky hooded Master X.  The result?  Kinky bondage sexual foreplay !! 
10 Mins  Part 1
WMV    MP4 / Phone
8 Mins  Our bound bimbo is repositioned and continuously taunted, fondled and teased.
   Bimbo costuming inspired by the one and only Miss Rebecca High Heels who is widely known for her love of pink girly clothes, 6+ inch heels and classy little hats !!  
Part 2
WMV    MP4 / Phone
5 Mins  Babette struggled previously with Master X
but now she practically begs to be bound and gagged and fondled even more !!  He gladly obliges as this fetish scenario seems to have improved the bulge in his pants !! 
Part 3
Bobbi is a sexy muffin, bondage loving, rubber slut
 who summons a special maid to her motel room.  She has always dreamed of wearing a mouth and filling,  inflatable gag, and guess what our maid has brought?  She thinks she is in heaven, but GIRLS, be careful what you wish for !!! 

  5 mins  Part 1

Note: Videos labeled "Phones, Smart Phones or MP4 / Phones are all small MP4's and will play on your phone or computer browser 

Bobbi, now helplessly bound andsilenced with a butterfly gag
is now moved into bed for some more lateral bondage fun. 

4 Mins  Part 2

Medium Size MP4        Phone MP4
10 Mins  See our girl with her dirty rubber get polished and shined with hands and tongues until that latex shines.  4 naughty fetish girls gone wild with sexy licking, sensual rubbing, strict bondage and more !!  Three girls gang up on one girl, binding, gagging, licking, rubbing and teasing her mercilessly !! 4 previous separate videos combined into 1 well edited short hot scene!


 Miki and Babette's Labor Day Weekend bondage marathon.  (shared) 

WMV Version

MP4 / Phone Version
5 Mins  Miki's  bondage adventure.   Califorina girl Miki travels all the way to Seattle to get tied up by a stranger.  Such devotion to bondage deserves a reward and she gets more bondage than she expected.    Moaning, wiggling and squirming, Miki has a number of bondage loving moments !!
 Part 1

            Dec  2008

WMV     MP4 / Phone
How to get yourself bound and gagged?
  First, invite a bondage loving girl like Miki over.  Second, model your retro bra and girdle lingerie.   !!
11 Mins Part 2
WMV     MP4 / Phone
Bondage loving Miki comes to Seattle  in search of a bondage loving sister. Clearly, Miki's inner girl as well as her love for bondage oozes to the surface as she is tied and teased more and more!!   

7 Mins  Part 3

Missy summons a makeover expert
 to her luxurious Seattle hotel.  She's always wanted to be  made over as a slutty maid and what a waste to have a slutty maid who is not bound and gagged.  

5 Mins
Meeting her date at the motel was not the textbook way of getting to know him.     Finally she had her first gag removed and was about to bitch when a huge penis gag was applied !  
The 2 roommates met this guy  at the local bar who said he was a "rigger".   S She leans over her bound roommate and kisses and plays with her and doesn't notice her new friend sneaking up behind her !!! 
Mountain climbing rope expert meets rubber wearing bondage lover.  Result, high fetish, high quality sexually charged bondage session !!   Nice, latex outfits and heavy duty bondage are quite the sexy combo !        

WMV    MP4 / Phone
Pink and black rubber bondage bimbo's sexual bondage adventure.   Some girls like flowers and candy.  Other girls like rubber, sex toys and bondage to get their motor running.
  Good rope tutorial by an expert.  

9 Mins  Part 1

MP4 / Phone
The rubber girl's gagging finale and more !  

 9 Mins
WMV         Photos

MP4 / Phone
He's back !!   Rope master NZ meets rubber housewife BB.
  And so it happened, just like a porno cliché where a handyman visits the lonely housewife.   
10 Mins  Part 1
 WMV      MP4 / Phone
She thought it was just rubber bondage foreplay.    She thought there would be some simple bondage and juicy sex.  She thought her mouth would be left 'available' for dirty talk and maybe other uses.   LOTS of spanking and sexual innuendoes !   
9 Mins  Part 2


 End 2008 Content

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